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Hi, my name is Kay I have been reading all the posting's and I thought you might be interested in this site that we have started setting up. It is a very cool and useful website with a lot of information and some good tips about how to deal with some of the stuff you mentioned.
I myself am not a cancer patient but I have several family member’s that do or have suffered with cancer, which is why I am so interested in helping others or finding out as much as possible.
Take a look at what we have done so far you might find it usefull the address is
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Sorry about that, i am not a patient or a care person, in my family i have had sevral close relatives unfortunetly pass away from their cancer's and 3 that are still undergoing treatment, so 'we' my family decided that we didn't want to just sit back waiting for our turn we wanted to find out as much as possible about our family cancer (Breast & Ovarian cancer which has been known to spread to the Lung's, Liver & Kidney's) when doing this i came accross The Baby Emma Appeal ( my heart went out to little Emma and i wanted to help, we all got talking and found out we all wanted some what the same, information and someone to talk to! Stephen Baby Emma's father came up with the idea of after visiting this and other site's and started setting the site up we all joined and added as much information as we could and that is how i got to posting on this site, i wanted every one to know what we have done and to know that they don't have to go through it all on their own we are all hear to shear and listen, i know it helped me!
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