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I have to have a vocal chord biopsy end october, because i was spitting up blood for several months.this has now stopped, but doctors still want to go ahead with it.
What worries me?
One they will damage my crowns during the procedure and it will cost me a fortune to redo them, and the big question is do i really need the hassle. They say i will not be able to talk for at least ten days and i will be on soft foods for two weeks.

Have had testicular cancer twenty years ago and have had chronic leukemia which is nothing for three years.

Anybody who can advise me will be much appreciated.


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Good morning Ronnie,
when blood appears without good reason it should be investigated.Doctors tend to err on the side of caution with people who have a history of cancer, and rightly so it saves lives.
When I mentioned indigestion to my GP a knowing smile spread over his face as he recommended "popping a camera down to have a look around" a non cancer patient would have been sent away with a box of antacid pills. I decided not to mention a touch of belly ache in case he remembered what else could be done with an endoscope.
I don't think there is much risk of damaging the crowns, but talk to the consultant about that. Do I really need the hassle? non of us think that we do. It is very easy to be objective when we are talking about someone else having the hassle but not so easy when the hassle is heading towards us personally. The medical people will not carry out this procedure unless they they think it is necessary so listen to their advice.
I hope the biopsy is negative, please let us know.
Keep smiling
Many thanks for your advice John. i had a chest CT this morning and should get the results within a week.
In the end i suppose i do not have an alternative and will have the biopsy as it is better to be on the safe side. I just hate hospitals and being put under frightens me. Weird because when i was younger i had no problem whatsoever.maybe it is old age, but there again thanks and i will keep you updated.

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