Hello, I'm having this problem for 3-4 months now, visited different doctors, and a few dentist. Some said it might be fungus, some said it's for smoking. I really don't know. Even one said it might be cancer.

I do smoke. But like 2-3 cigarettes a day.

Already have fungus infection on private parts for 1 year. Keeps getting more and less, but doesn't go away. HIV and hepatitis B results came negative. Went to a dentist to see if this is leukoplakia, he checked my mouth and tongue and said it isn't, not sure if he's correct or not.

Also recently I saw that there are some reddish bumps on my tongue, could it be linked with the fact that im trying to brush these white spots off?

The white spots don't hurt, but the red ones do.

I'm really sorry about the pictures.

Please someone tell me what's wrong with me this thing makes me want to die.


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