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Hey littlerosieuk1

I'm up to my gills with all these bleeping spammers (honestly, I hope that the curse doesn't come true, because then they'll come back and expect us to be NICE to them. Fooey on that!).

I'm fine but tired. I finally got a job and (along with my coworkers) spent the month of May and part of June getting the store ready to open. The doors opened on 12 June and it's been bedlam ever since.

Hope all are well.
HI Guys, I have just updated my story and mentioned that all the long term survivors have disapeared.
I can understand if everything is well with them and they are getting on with their lives.Me I seem to get one thing after another and when I go to the Cancer Unit do not see anyone I know and the people not chatty like when I was going very often they jsut sit there and willl not make eye contact I have tried.


Hi Paul, great to see you are still going, if not strong, still going. We had a really goood group didn't we? good old Deborah and Trev, John Spencer, remember Dancing with Roses, there was a SusieB I think, an Irish girl who was such fun, suddenly disappeared, Helping Dad, Julia, still posts, lovely Fran, Kathy and Tony such nice people, not to mention our star Chell, Hagg I see still contributes and lots lots more. I found that the MCF was taking over my life and sometimes became quite depressing.

I still receive the digest everyday and contribute if I think I can be of assistance. As I type this I should be sorting out the float for the summer fair as treasurer of our local primary school PTA.

We may not be with you in body but we are in spirit. Best wishes to everyone, old and new.
Hi Paul, how good to see you are still around. I guess I could be called a ".lurker" as I do look in from time to time to see how my old friends are doing. Maybe we should all get together again & keep the site going.
Are you still living in London?
After a while, when people don't post anymore, it feels intrusive to ask "anybody heard from so & so"
Keep in touch, Fran
Hi Dr J, Nice to see your still keeping an eye on us all.
I am going to see a Proffessor and my Cancer Consultant today about having fat taken from my stomach and put into my neck to give me more mobility.
Believe it is quite a new procedure and not sure if I will go for it.It all depends what results I get as well from my neck biopsy on Friday !
The only good thing would be I would be able to drive better as at the moment it is hard to look round and when crossing roads.
I have seen a Consultant to the proffessor a few times and he did tests and took pictures . Believe I will get to know today if they are going to do it, Told about 3 procedures will be needed.I hate having to stay in hospital just one night.
Nice if you have any imput to this kind of procedure.

Hello all. Haven't meant to ignore anyone but have been pretty ill and in hospital for three weeks with pneumonia, pleurisy and empyaema. No one needs this, including the chest drains and everything that goes with it. This is the first time I have sat behind the computer since coming home and it is pretty painful on the back and ribs so I'm afraid that this is a short message.
Thank you for the welcome back littlerosie. I finish antibiotics tomorrow morning - yippee! Then we will see whether they have done any good or not. Feeling a lot better than I was 5 weeks ago and am told I look a lot better - wouldn't be difficult. Still tired and fairly weak, but getting there.

The neuralgia is fairly calm (comparatively) at the moment, but I do need neck adjustment and a 'nudge' to the jaw, which is happening tomorrow. Hope it doesn't turn everything upside down again.
Hi Angie, Rose ,Hagg and all, I am going to have a fat transfer done they said in Sept but not got the date yet.
It apparantly works to help movement in the neck.
They have done the procedure many times but was told by my Consultnat they ( UCLH) have only donre 10 on Radiotherapy patients.
YTold " have first one then may need meore.
Bit concerened what I am going to look like ,well my neck but will give it a go.
I am still in London would like to be in Spain or Canada but thats not an option for me now.
All the best for the procedure Paul,how bad is the probs with the neck movement,I had all the lymph nodes and most of the muscle removed both sides of my neck and after surgery had to turn my whole body to look at anything . The reason I'm asking is although it's took 15 yrs in the last few years things have seemed to improve not brill but I can turn my neck more and not tight any more.takecare

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