As a result of a MRI scan on my eyes I was referred to a maxillofacial specialist as the MRI scanned showed a shadow on my lower left jaw. Having attended a specialist clinic and having an Xray taken (a couple of months after the MRI), the X-ray showed there is a shadow along the base on the Left lower jaw about 2 inches in length.

The specialist suggested having a biopsy done which would be under general anesthetic to discover what it is. I am reluctant to do this a my grandfather was an anesthetist and always said general anesthetics should be avoid unless absolutely necessary. The specialist did say we could leave it for 3 months and see if there is any change in the shadow. My question is what should I do?

In the last couple of years I have been getting sporadic discomfort in the left jaw, but I have been told that I clench my jaw at night when stressed and so that is what may have caused the discomfort and in any case it completely disappears after a while. In the past few weeks my left jaw has been feeling a little strange, not painful, just a dull sort of feeling on and off, again I put this down to stress at work. I am now beginning to wonder?? I just need some advise on what the large dark shadow could be, could it go away on its own? Should I have a biopsy now or leave and monitor?

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Have the biopsy - due to the vagaries of the NHS I was put on hold for 6 months - monitor! monitor! was the mantra.
All the time I had tumours growing in my neck!
Definitely have the biopsy - I don't think the shadow is going to go away do you?
Peace of mind - please do it and feed back the results to the site.
Hope it all goes well Tony K
Yes, please have the biopsy. Should there be something wrong then it WAS absolutely necessary to have that anaesthetic. There is always going to be a minimal risk with something like that, but the consequences of not doing it could be far worse, then at least you will know.

I am a great jaw clencher and find a 'night guard' a great help and, in fact, I wear it most of the time. However, I would wait for the results of the biopsy before seeing your dentist regarding night guards and things like that - one step at a time!

Let us know how it goes.

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Another vote for the biopsy. It's really the only way to determine what's going on with your jaw. It's easy for the specialist to say wait and see--it's not his jaw.

Pain is Nature's way of telling us that something's wrong.

General anesthesia is not fun, but sometimes it IS necessary.

Please let us know how this turns out.


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