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There must be lots of fellow mouth cancer patients who happen upon this website and perhaps read some of the case histories and follow some of the discussions yet feel unsure about actually 'voicing' their concerns or wishing to actually register, for various reasons. Not everyone suffering from this dreadful illness has the benefit of close family support or a loving partner who can make all the difference when faced with a worrying and sometimes frightening prognosis.

If you are trying to cope alone, whether you live alone or your nearest and dearest are unable to give you the support you need, then please don't be shy. Put your concerns, whatever they might be, on this website and be assured that someone will have walked that path before you. Nothing is too trivial and, likewise, nothing is too grave. This is a marvellous forum made up of wonderful, generous people who have had, or are suffering from, this truly awful cancer and are more than happy to share their experiences, learn from each other and most importantly provide the kind of support that only fellow sufferers can empathise with.

Please don't 'suffer in silence' - there is always the private message facility if you don't wish to use the message board.

With kind regards

note: To read Brenda's story click here
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