I’m 22, non-smoker, light drinker with the most boring dental records ever. I’ve never missed a 6 monthly appointment and never had a filling. However 10 days ago I noticed 4 growths on the fimbriated folds on the ventral surface on my tongue (underneath tongue, running along the two main veins). These growths are painless dangly extensions of tissue approx 2/3mm long. They appear 2 on each side of the tongue and approximately an inch from the tip. I have a dental appointment scheduled shortly but wanted to know if these fleshy extensions were normal anatomy. Many thanks, James
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Hello monosugoi

These are probably normal structures called fimbriae (feathery threadlike) at the sides of the frenum under the tongue. I have seen them but they are not common. Do post a picture!
plica fimbriata (fimbriated fold): the lobulated fold running posteriorly and laterally from the anterior extremity of the frenulum of the tongue.
Get your dentist to confirm that it is not abnormal.

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Vinod Coffee
I think I have something similar... except I havent always had these.. growths? My tongue has been sore lately, kind of like I burnt it or something. The area under my top lip has been very dry and has had a weird texture as well.. I didnt think anything of it until I actually LOOKED at it. The.. lines? that connect my tongue to the bottom of my mouth look like they have flower shapes on them? and they are very red and irritated. The sides of my tongue also look like there are parts that are swollen.. what the heck is happening?

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