hello..had a biopsy 30th June for oral lesion inside cheek.Now have a pea size lump on lower jaw in the same area. is this connected ?
also how long is the usual wait for results. I have an appointment to see max people 29th july

thank you
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Wow that is a long waiting time for results.Rob had his fine needle biopsy on december 8th tongue biopsy and excision of primary tumour) on december 13th (got results of fine needle biopsy that day),cat scan december 27th (delayed because of christmas),his MDT meeting december 29th and majjor surgery january 13th (delayed because of new year)total time period 5 weeks start to finish.

hi ! the biopsy was where they cut out a little bit from inside my cheek and put in a couple of stitches so not too bad. The dentist had been watching the leison from jan this year and decided in March it needed investigation. I saw the oral max people 29th April who said a biopsy would be done within 2 weeks .As I said it was finally done 30 th June once I had queried this mid June !! Now just waiting. hubby thinks it cant be that bad as its taken all this time and more !!!
You are a trooper! It's unfortunate that you are having to wait for an extended period of time. Hang in there and try not to worry too much. I wish you all the best with your results. Let us know how you make out.

Hello lotty

It is a long time to wait for a result. It must be worrying to not know either way. Eeker

They should have the results by now. I suggest you speak to your doctor tomorrow and ask him to get you the result earlier if the hospital dept can't see you earlier.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thank you for your replies..
well no news is good news they say . I will visit GP Monday to see what he can find out but I hate being pushy in case they think I am a drama queen! Hubby still says it cant be serious as hospital would have been in touch by now. Mouth is healing nicely but lump still there on jaw..
They should have the results inside a fortnight- tops!Push for the result now! Phone the consultant's secretary and demand an immediate disclosure of the result.
I had a huge lump for nearly 6 months ( I was undergoing observations on a regular basis - what a joke!!!) and when it was MRI'd after 5 months I waited for a month for the result. It was a tumour!!
So don't be lulled into a false sense of security. My lump was removed for biopsy and I had to beg for the result to be given the following week and not in a fortnight's time which was what they originally wanted to do.
I am still here though 3 and a half years after final treatment. Be warned - the NHS can be tardy even with cancer diagnoses.

Anyway good luck! and my best wishes.
tony k
just an update.thank you all for your concern and kind words.As yet I have not had the courage to approach my GP Or Consultant. I keep making excuses . Keeping my head in the sand .Percy pea (as I call the lump on my jaw) is till there. The biopsy site is healing nicely just wish this sore throat Ive had ages would go !Generally feel under the weather and tired but I guess this could be cos I really don't want to face any bad news ..Anyway the 29th will soon come around .

this scenario is ridiculous.Re reading your posts it looks as if this problem has been there for seven months now,thats way too long to get investigations concluded.Doctors are there to be bothered.Go and see him!!!!

well...I went to my GP finally.He told me that he had no notification of biopsy results and as its only a week till my appt with the max fax then its best to wait..But he said to tell them about the lump on my jaw..

well I tried..
hi all... been told I have Lichen Planus..Very relieved.no treatment offered but I have to go back in a month for a check up .so thank you all for your support.not sure exactly what it is or what caused it .
you are all lovely people god bless
lotty x

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