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A4A1F3AC-F48B-4BB6-91A0-F2752F79C3C0Hello this is my first post!
My name is Laticia, I’m 25 and I have SLE lupus. In April I got a mouth sore on my tongue which is common with my lupus. It healed and suddenly my tongue started to develop this hard tissue. It started really small and now it’s stemming to the back of my throat. I had a biopsy done under general anesthesia about 2 weeks ago and my results  will be ready on Monday so I have to go in for a consultation.

I've been begging my doctors since May to refer me to an ENT and they kept telling me it was lupus and increasing my medication until it got so bad I couldn’t swallow properly. I’m now living on 6 tramadol a day to help with the pain.

The hard tissue itself on the tongue is so painful and is almost about to take over the left side of the tongue as it was only on the right side 2 months ago. I have trouble swallowing, feel like food gets stuck in my throat, my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen and painful, my jaw is swollen and painful, my ear is constantly full and feels like I have an ear infection, my lip hurts, my gums are swollen and my nostril constantly hurts!

I'm so nervous for the results on Monday. From everything I have read I don’t think this can be autoimmune but I am praying it is. How do I cope with the anxiety of having this wait for over the weekend?

Did anyone else start off with symptoms like this and it turned out to be oral cancer? I’ve inserted a picture of my tongue pre-biopsy.

Thank you❤️


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  • A4A1F3AC-F48B-4BB6-91A0-F2752F79C3C0: My tongue before the biopsy
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