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Dr Joshi truly is one of life's special people. I wish you a very long and happy retirement. I cannot believe from your photo that you are anywhere near retirement age. Very best wishes and thank you for all the advice you have given me directly and indirectly from your replies and postings. I am so glad for all us on this site and for any newbies that you will still be here with us.
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Congratulations! Hope you're able to have extended visits with your far-flung friends and family all over the globe, although maybe you'd just like to care of the garden and catch up on neglected reading, which I hope includes fiction over medical journals. Read "The Kite Runner" if you haven't already.

You've kept us informed with breaking news and updates that keep us knowledgeable about our oral cancer issues. You display a kindness and compassion that isn't always there in the medical professions. You became my BFF and I knew I could always count on you.

Best of luck to you! If you ever find your way to Northern California (San Francisco), I'd be more than happy to meet up with you and give you the tour that only a native can give.

Take care, my friend

Dear All

Yes, I am retiring from my Consultant post in the NHS. I will be moving to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to spend more time with my extended family and friends who I left behind almost 33 years ago. I am looking forward to KL. Great food, warmer (maybe too warm!) weather, just nice! I will be continuing as voluntary Chief Executive and Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation charity and directing the Mouth Cancer Foundation charity and co-ordinating what it does. I will miss the UK but hope to visit it from time to time to catch up with MCF work and visit my son and his wife and my 5 month old grandson (really cute, like babies are). So, I am not really going going away, yet.

It is a great feeling when you have only a week to go before retirement. You get a sense of a great weight being lifted off your shoulders and get a spring in your step! I hope I was of some help to the countless patients I have seen over the years. to whom I preached the 'Zen of TMD' (do nothing and get better?). It has been an interesting career (oral surgery, dental implants, periodontology, TMD, maxillofacial prosthodontics, silicone gasket dentures, setting up a charity, committee work: ADI, CCHDS, RCPSG, ACRD, etc, etc) but that chapter's coming to a close now.

Actually, I won't be retiring to my garden just yet as in KL, I will be helping out my colleagues at the Dental Faculty at the University of Malaya whee they are setting up an oral care clinic for Head and Neck cancer and other special needs. I will be trying to get Sharifah involved in the local support group and patient charity I plan to help set up for mouth cancer patients in Malaysia.

Thank you all for your support and good wishes.

Best wishes
Thank you all for your good wishes. I hope you had a good Christmas.

I have been back in Kuala Lumpur now for just over three weeks; really busy here, getting to know the >85 lecturers and professors at the dental school and helping with the setting up of a new unit for oral care of patients with special needs. There is a whole new postgraduate building that is being commissioned with new units, etc. So a lot of planning for this needed. Also plans for a specualist TMD/orofacial pain clinic. The undergrad curriculum is moving towards integrated diagnostic and treatment planning and I will most probably be involved with this too.

The staff here are all very nice and i have had dinner at the Dean's home, an alumni karoake evening for farewell to the retiring Director of Dental Services, and been driven home by 3 different colleagues! Was last Thursday at a student conference where the 5th years were presenting their project work. I am also catching up with former classmates and colleagues. It is a great feeling - being welcomed home.

I am living at my mum's home which is just 3 miles away from work. She is really happy that I am back home after being away so long! I have been looking around for a nice place to rent/ buy. Will probably settle for a condo apartment. Am taking a taxi to and from work as I also still have to buy a car. Hope I don't get too used to being chauffeured!

Best wishes to all for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Vinod Coffee
A very special person indeed! Yes, that's you Vinod.
At last I have made my way back to check in on the site for the New Year. Lovely to see old names still in 'residence'.
Much love for a long and happy retirement, Vinod although by your own account it certainly doesn't sound too retiring!! The oral world of KL and Malaysia generally will be so much the better for your presence. Keep up the great work and remember South Australia when you're thinking of a holiday.

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