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Ventilation of laryngectomees and other neck breathers is often inappropriate
and may lead to devastating consequences.

Laryngectomees who require anesthesia or sedation (ie for dental procedure, or
colonoscopy) often encounter health care providers that are not familiar with
their anatomy and the proper methods for their ventilation. I have
prepared a 12 minutes video about Rescue Breathing for Laryngectomees and
Neck Breathers. This is available in a form of a CD and is also available now
for viewing in Youtube at: (
or )

A link to it is also available through my Website
( ) which has useful information
for laryngectomees (on medical and psychological issues)and updates.
Viewing this video by emergency room personal and anaesthesists can be life saving.

Itzhak Brook MD MSc
Professor medicine Georgetown University
Washington DC USA
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