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Small update from yesterdays appointment.
As many of you know I have fought tooth and nail for a very long time to get any kind of health care and have made many written complaints to the NHS.
I saw Mr Ali who does not work in oncology but specialises in cranio maxillofacial deformaties.
He was beyond disgusted that Lincoln hospital had rejected the referral he he done for me to the head and neck cancer team. He had sent my notes three times and three times they had denied receiving them then after four months rejected them.
I was armed and fired with a folder full of notes.
The first thing that he said to me was that with adenoid cystic carcinoma you should have life long monitoring. Halle(bloody)luja.Somebody listened.
Urgent referral to head and neck oncology at Sheffield.
Urgent mri scan.
Urgent referral back to restorative dentist.
Mr Ali will see me again at the same time as I see head and neck oncolgy.
He is a superstar.
Some of the other consultants that I have seen at Sheffield have been disgusting in thier attitude towards ACC and I have in the past even been offered cognitive behaviour therapy so that I can "get over it"
Busy weeks ahead.
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And as an extra we are giving away £2.50 spending money but you have to answer these questions ...
When will Janet get to see oncologist?
C..Sometime never
Question 2
When will Janet get mri results?
A.. April
Question 3.
When will Janet get help from restorative dentistry?
Question 4
When will Richard have hip replacement surgery?
C...Sometime in 2017
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Great contest! Is it open to those of us in the US.?

Here are my answers:
Q1: C
Q2: Answer cloudy--try again
Q3: A, but only if you're very good, say your prayers and eat your greens.
Q4: A, of course. Not to treat him would be criminal (never mind that he's paraplegic)

In the event of a tie, is there a skills testing question or an interpretive dance-off?

Dear Rosie, I am so sorry that you are still having problems and that all your referrals are not going as planned,at least I think that was what you were saying in your last email, I suppose all you can do is to keep on pushing and pushing, and it doesn't matter how much you do as its you suffering and its your life affected. Have you been to see your local MP or contacting your local newspaper, they may be interested in your story or how about putting it on Twitter/Facebook it's surprising how things are picked up.
I am going back to see the dietitian in York next month due to my weight loss, I tried to explain that I thought it was probably due to the fact that my mouth is closing up after the second surgery and it is so painful all of the time and that eating just makes it worse, but I manage breakfast and an evening meal of sorts, but I am not sure if my consultant took this on board, so it's another trip away from home. Still I feel lucky to be alive and try to be positive.
I am now tube fed and this is because fibrosis has closed the throat and paralysed the tongue. The deterioration has been over the last year but accelerated since September. Currently I am only just over 8 stone (should be 10)and it is going to take a very long time to get back to anything like. No strength or energy. I was only just managing very fine porage and the right consistency purée - and only just at that. I have not actually swallowed anything since January 18th.
Following on from my post from 29th January:-
Urgent mri scan was done 6th March. I don't get results until 5th May as they have cancelled appointment for 14th April.
Urgent appointment with oncology is now also 5th May.
Restorative dental appointment...still waiting to hear.
Was seen at pain clinic on 18th November 2015 and would get a follow up in 4 months. Still waiting but that one wont help so I will write that off.
Still alive.
Hello Rosie

It shouldn't take that long for the MRI results to be available. Ask what the issue is. It might be that someone you should be seeing isn't available for the earlier date. If critical, someone else should be able to see you.

Regarding restorative treatment, try writing direct to CEO of relevant NHS trust if not getting any reply. It sometimes works wonders!

Best wishes
Thank you very much for your input Dr.Joshi. I do appreciate you taking the time to reply and will take your comments onboard. My MRI is not red flagged as extremely urgent and I do need to see two consultants together to get a treatment plan. I would still like to know but no answers will be given over the phone.

Petronel.. you are very much missed on this forum and I would love to know how you are getting on with PEG tube
I am beginning to gain weight - very slowly. I might be up to 8st 3lbs. It has been quite interesting working out the rate at which - and what sort of - food can be pumped in. If the tube was in the stomach the amount wouldn't be quite so difficult, but in the Winchester neck of the woods the jejunum is a lesser known quantity and, of course, the reason it isn't a straight PEG is that the tube wouldn't go down my throat because the fibrosis is closing in...... And that was when they had to devise the odd method of anaesthetising me. Not pleasant at all.

I am having the tube changed on the 19th as this one is particularly uncomfortable (they never said it was going to be easy) and they seem to think that my gut is trying to 'digest' the balloon that is stopping the wretched thing from falling out.

However, my really main problem is mucus/saliva overproduction. It is actually quite frightening as all of a sudden there can be a mass of the stuff at the back of my throat threatening to suffocate me and it is hard work - and sore - getting it forward enough to be able to dispose of it. I now have a suction machine, which is a great help, but I can still wake in the middle of the night in a choking panic.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Thank you for the suggestions. Mucodyne had absolutely no effect and the last time I tried pineapple (admittedly it was a small chunk of pineapple) it was incredibly painful. I should try using just a bit as a mouthwash. A very dilute solution of blackcurrant and apple can help a bit but then I need to dry my mouth out before I can talk at all.

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