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I was trying to quit gutkha since april '13, by reducing the quantity. Finally,I quit successfully quit in end of august' 13. Consumtion of gutkha was very less between april to august (once in 2 to 3 days). I started LYCORED capsules without any doctor prescription which helped me to open my mouth but caused some kind of alergy in my mouth and in throat. I stopped LYCOred and consulted well recognized ENT specialist Surgeon of our area, he diagnosed OSMF, whiteness/blenching in mouth and some effect on Larynx also. He started my treatment with Stancool syrup(two teaspoon thrice a day), an antialergic tablet (hydroxyzine hydrochloride atarax 10 mg - one at night) and anti gasteric capsule (one in the morning). I am also taking Becasule/Zavit daily. Irritation against hot and spicey food, Whiteness on soft palate cheeks and gums is reducing, some area of inner cheeks are softer but bands are still visible in some areas. I am expereincing improvement. I can open my mouth more than 35mm now which was lessthan 28 mm earlier.

I tried to take lycopene from other sources (carrot,tomatoe and beetroot salad), but i felt again acidity and some itching(or allergy) in my mouth.

I am under treatment from last three months. I just want to confirm that the above treatment is sufficient(and standard) and all will be OK after some time ? How long will it take to cure completely ?

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Its been more than 7 months, i have quit all my bad habbits. My mounth is opening 35mm wide and colour of internal mocousa is changing. My doctor added Absolut 3G capsule for last one month and continue anti allergy capsule atrax 10mg and amitop10 tablets.

Looks like things are getting resolved, my question is:

1. do i need to go for laser treament to open my mouth wider? its already opening 35MM or it will be better in future by the medicines i am taking.

2. I have already quit gutkha from last 7 months and under treatment of OSMF, will it eliminate all the probability of oral cancer in future ?
Hi Prabhat, how is the progress with you OSMF. I have very minor problem on my left side of buccal mucosa but my dentist said nothing to worry about because i never had any past of chewing of pan masala or gutka. I want to know your experience so far in terms of improvement. It is 100% curable. I want to get rid of this completely.
Thanks in advance. NEeraj Saini.
Hi Neeraj,

It is curable but takes time. In my case, it is improving but slowly. i am under treatment and monitoring for last 9 months. I don't have any habit now. i have some patches now but the color is restoring.

I would suggest you to see an ENT specialist/Oral Maxillo Facial surgeon or Oral physician to confirm the milgancy. Its better to have multiple opinions.

Good Luck
Hi Amit,

My mouth opening has improved but other sympotms are getting worse. I am having burning sensations and I am also feeling difficulty in speaking. But do you have any problems in throat ? I have some, may be due to acidity.

While in last seven months you felt that your disease is progressing, did you had any habits in that time?

I hope we all get better soon.


Originally posted by Amit:
Hi Ankit,

I am also suffering from osmf , it has been almost 7 months , to be honest I do not see any cure rather I feel the disease is progressing , very dry mouth burning sensation difficult to speak are few of the symptoms I am experiencing, how is your condition now

I am suffering oral submucous fibrosis in my mouth allover white patches and my mouth opening 29mm and burning I am chwing gutka 10 12 years but I am completely stop last three month I am check a dentist he said give some injection inside my mouth but my family not allowed this and my father go to AIIMS HOSPITAL DELHI DENTAL DEPARTMENT and doctor check and give kenacort paste or sm fibro capsules I am take last 2 month but no benefit I am very worried please suggest treatment homeopathic or allopathic

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