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This is not really a recipe, but more of an "assembly". I can't chew and I have trouble swallowing, but now I'm ready to stop living off Ensure drinks and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.

Loads of Calories and Protein Chicken and Pasta:
1 handful of spaghetti
1 chicken breast
1 cup store bought fresh cream cheese or alfredo sauce( here in the U.S. it’s Bertoli brand I think)

Break the spaghetti into little pieces (about 1 inch) and boil under tender.
Boil the chicken breast, then put in the food processor and chop up into tiny pieces.
Mix the chicken, pasta and sauce together. Add milk if you need more liquid. It goes down easily!

Another one:

Peanut Butter Milkshake:
Ice Cream, Peanut butter and milk blended to the consistency you like.

You know, I used to not be able to keep peanut butter around because I would eat all of it. Now I’m trying to fatten myself up before the radiation treatments so I add it to everything…kind of ironic.

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Melissa--great idea about the peanut butter' You must be feeling so delighted at giving up Ensure. But it saved my life. Even after I stopped taking it, weight still being the all-imporetant thing, I used to add Complan to everything. Just a spoon here and a spoon there but it all adds up.
Melted milk chocolate has been one of my best weight adders, mixed with banana. It is also lovely mixed with meat gravy. A delicacy in South America.
Good luck with the weight. I am at last 7st. This time last year I was 6st. It is a slow and gradual process but it gets betrer all the time. Good luck with the radiotherapy. I didn't have NY PROLEMS WITH IT (34 SESSIONS) sorry caps, apart from huge tiredness which takes over about halfway through. Don't try to fight it and you will feel refreshed afterwards.
Don't forget Bach Flower Remedies if you are at all apprehensive. They worked wonders for me. They have a great website.
Hi everyone

I made a loveley fruit smoothie today
1 banana
1/2 small tin peaches plus a little of the juice
small amount of cranberry juice

whizz it all up in the blender it's really nice.

I have also found that some smoked salmon cut into small pieces with some cooked pasta and tzatziki tastes lovely.

best regards


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