This one's a true story.

A former coworker sent me this message. What she's referring to is the Overheard on the London Underground website that notes weird stuff people say on the Underground. This made me laugh so hard that some iced tea exploded out my nose and onto the keyboard!

A few times you've sent me something called "overheard on the train" or something like that. I overheard the following yesterday while I was stopped at a light on Arden Way.

To set the scene: 2 elderly homeless men, both Caucasian, each with a shopping cart loaded with his possessions, were laying on the grass in the shade of some trees. One of them was sipping a beverage from a paper sack. He said to his companion "My mother was born a very small black child. People used to think she was Michael Jackson."

What people were overheard saying on the London Underground

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