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Had a holiday pre booked last September for this December

Boy having trouble with insurance

tried Freedom,JD Consultants no luck

got Manor to ring back

Will insure but not anything related to the cancer

Medicare will insure from the date of departure to return date only

no cancellation clause

Dave and Sue
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I also had a trawl to find insurance (surgery Dec 06, end of radiotherapy/chemo March 07) for our holiday back in June. In the end, got insurance with AllClear Travel - it was of course more expensive than I've ever paid before, but less than I'd feared. I think it was about £180 for myself, husband and daughter. Just looked at the policy and they covered cancellation if needed due to my illness plus the usual cover. Did the application on line and the paperwork came through the post. I don't work for them,no advertising intended just thought this might help!! Hope you enjoy a great holiday Smiler
from the Macmillan Cancer Support charity website:
Although your doctor may feel that you are well enough to travel, you may find it difficult to get travel insurance. This is because some insurance companies think that a person with cancer is more likely to need to make a claim on their insurance. This is not always the case, although if you have advanced cancer you may be more likely to become ill and need to make a claim.

Our travel insurance factsheet has a list of insurance companies who consider insuring cancer patients.

It is advisable to get quotes from a number of companies, as costs may vary considerably. It’s also helpful to read the policy carefully for exclusions and special conditions. Your doctor or specialist nurse can help you to understand the policies and explain any exclusions.

Some companies may have policies that insure you for any health problem, except problems caused by the cancer. You may feel that this option suits you if your cancer is unlikely to cause any problems while you are away. Other people may feel that this is too much of a risk for them to take.

Full article with more information can be found at:
Getting travel insurance when you have cancer

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