having surgery this Monday lymph nodes in neck being removed and tongue needs to have area removed to , really frightened x

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Hey it’s natural to be anxious.  However the anxiety won’t go away until after surgery.  

Anxiety is a natural human behaviour.  It keeps us alive.  

You’ll likely have huge support compassion and love surrounding you.  Soak it up.  Absorb it’s strength



Thankyou , just trying to be strong for my family as they are deverstated , but I’m putting brave face on , deep down I’m so worried of out , my mom died from throat cancer so I’m at a big risk anyway , non smoker health eater like a glass of wine now and a gain , so just feel very angry too xx   

I can’t imagine how scared you must feel.  Losing your mum to a similar ailment must antagonise your emotions even more.

and anger is natural too.  I’d be furious.  

I wonder why you feel you need to be so strong? I’m not sure that’s the best policy.  Emotions need to be expressed   If you hold them in and suppress them who knows what damage they can do?

If you can’t speak up at home then speak up on here   We will listen  we won’t judge   You dint have to pretend to be strong   

Sending you our most compassionate thoughts   And loads of love too  


Oh Thankyou , I think because I’m the oldest of 4 , both parents died of cancer , I’ve always been the strong one , I  also have a 27 year old with cerebral palsy and learning problems , he very bright in some areas but struggles with anxiety , it’s bern very hard , as he has already worried if  I'm

not here before diagnosis , McMillan nurses good , just trying to be myself x

not here 

When is the surgery and which hospital.  

Im also on Facebook messenger tonguecancerjourney if you want to chatter during recovery. 

It’s a tough journey but at least it’s a cancer they can cut out.  Once it’s gone it’s gone 

hug sent btw 

Thanks. I'm going into castle hill in hull on 2nd September , I have scans tomorrow , I have lupus to , so at Leeds Wednesday to Thursday , been a rough few years m but yes once gone I can concentrate on keeping it clear , I'm very greatful for your words and kindness so thsnkyky , I'm not on Facebook , son was really vulnerable on this ,so we made a choice to come off this ,xx

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