After 15 years of searching for a toothpaste I can use on my sore, irradiated mouth, I finally found one that doesn't burn  It's Wella Calendula toothpaste, available from Amazon. It's pricey, at £4+ per tube, but I can now brush my teeth without using local anaesthetic for the very first time  😁 So it's worth it.

Weleda Calendula Toothpaste 75ml

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This was recommended as a suitable toothpaste by my dentist after she’d taken a complete dental and medical history. I’d used traditional mint toothpastes for years, in agony because of the mint, or using ever increasing amount nots of local anaesthetic to help. I’d used the children’s strawberry flavoured pastes but was concerned that they weren’t strong enough for my adult teeth.  This toothpaste has a slight aniseed flavour - not unpleasant - and, while there’s still a little ‘heat’ to it, it’s certainly nothing compared to the unbearable burn that the mint causes. 

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I found the main problem was the mint flavourings. My solution was a children’s toothpaste from Wilko that is strawberry flavoured.

It’s definitely the mint that caused my issues. Obviously I have become increasingly concerned about halitosis because of it (mouthwashes and most chewing gum is obviously out of the question, again because of the mint). Because saliva is so important and I have a degree of xerostomia, I’m delighted that Starburst do chewing gum that either has no mint or it’s so mild that I have no I’ll effects from it. I considered buying some bubble gum yesterday, but I have some very loose teeth at the mo & it’s not worth the risk!So I can produce more saliva, protecting my mouth & teeth, without pain.  I use the strawberry children’s pastes at night (Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s own brands), simply as a cheaper alternative to the Calendula toothpaste; I use Tepe interdental brushes every day - I aim for twice a day, but definitely at night; every couple of days I use diluted Corsodyl original mouthwash (I need the local anaesthetic for this) and once or twice a week I’ll use a whitening toothpaste, again with local anaesthetic.  Still settling into a routine but so far so good. 

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