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I just found this on a blog dated June 25th. I will really miss Tony and his wonderful sense of humour. How I hate this horrible disease.

Today Egglescliffe School and the community lost an inspirational teacher. Tony Gears who led and inspired the drama in the school for many years died. When our eldest daughter was a young pupil in the school he produced an amazing show - Johnny Faustus. Children who were never going to consider themselves as actors were inspired to join the cast and give of their best. The result was a show as professional as many that grace the stages of theatres in the region. All through our contact with the school his name kept cropping up - producing shows, encouraging bands, recording a song for charity, the list could go on. He will be missed, deeply, by the school and the wider community as well as by his family. But he'll also live on in the confidence which so many young people have as a result of being encouraged to take part, in the memories so many parents and ex-pupils have and in the careers of those youngsters who were encouraged to follow their dream.
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I am saddened to hear this news about Tony. My thoughts go out to his good wife who appeared in some of his videos and family.

You can enjoy Tony's music and great sense of humour and listen to his songs at his Sebastian T Burn's website. He was our rock'n'roll superstar.

Goodbye Tony, KEEP ON ROCKING!


Here is Tony's last post:
Posted 28 April 2010 11:06 AM
Hi gang

No nice way of telling you this so here goes. Recent scan detected loads of tumours and now I am officially incurable BY traditional medicine.
That doen't mean I am giving up or taking any notice of what they say - 6 years of this has hardened me to the reality that doctors often don't know more than they do know. They have given me a few months so I hoppe to be keeping blogging here for several years and if not so be it.
It has been great top have the support and help of everyone and I cannot recommend tghis site to highly for many reasons.
Please don;t feel sad for me as I am ready for the challenge and am by no means finished just yet.
Some may think I should not post this - but life is real and we have to live in the real world and maybe I can lead by example for those who are scared or worried. Don't be. I have had major surgery and radiotherapy and all kinds of rough bioposies and so on and so forth. Keep strong, keep smiling and don't let any of it grind you down. Don't abandon traditional medicine till it abandons you.

I hope I am in more pain than any of you or yours and wish you all the very best of everything.


Link: Tony Gears - the great man.
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Thanks Vinod for getting the photo up. Tony was obviously a great bloke adored by his students and it is nice to know that his music lives on. Certainly got me grinning when I was down.

Ken it is great to see you pop up, though a shame in such sad circumstances. Have been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing.

just checking in last night and so saddened to learn of Tony's recent passing. it is a timely reminder to me how fragile life can be when one is saddled with head and neck cancer......

it is also noteworthy how Tony lived his life to the fullest while battling this cancer thing.... influencing the lives of the students, the staff and their families at Eaglescliffe school.......


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