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Hi guys please hear me out and comment advice or something to help me relax. A month and a half ago I had a really bad sore throat and red tonsils so I just kinda rode it out and took cold/flu medicine and hoped it would go away. It got progressively worse and so I made an appointment with a GP and she tested me for strep and mono both of which came out negative so she told me to keep taking cold/flu meds and tylenol to help with pain and wait it out. I did that. Eventually the pain got so bad and i couldn’t open my mouth or eat/drink for 4 days. I went to the ER where i was diagnosed and treated for a peritonsillar abscess (quinsy). I stayed in the ER for 7 hours and then they let me go and gave me a week worth of antibiotics and an emergency referral to an ENT. I went 2 weeks later to the ENT and my tonsils and lymph glands were still swollen despite having already finished my antibiotics. He said since it was my first case EVER of tonsillitis that I would have to come back in 2 months to see how they were doing and then determine if anything should be done. 

Thanks for staying with me so far haha so here we are. It’s been a month since i last saw the ENT doc however I cannot wait any longer. I called an made an appointment for next week and they got me in because i haven’t been able to sleep. My tonsils have been getting worse. They are giant and red. Not painful at all but i am having trouble swallowing food. I keep choking because there is such little room in the back of my throat. Also I can’t sleep at night because i keep waking up either for no reason at all or because all of a sudden i’m drooling enough to fill a pool (it’s gross). I haven’t slept well at all this past month and it literally feels like torture. 

So what kinda made me nervous is the fact that my tonsils don’t hurt at all anymore, i don’t have any fevers, and i also heard that it’s concerning when tonsils don’t respond to antibiotics. They look really rough and they are getting worse. 

I was hoping some of you could shed some light as to what I can expect at my next ENT appointment. I assume they are gonna be looking in my mouth a little closer this time. will they draw blood? will they put a camera in my mouth? I’m super nervous. I attached pics of my tonsils as deep as possible and just what it looks like when i open my mouth normally. Please help!


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  • 47805F3B-B62E-451C-922C-48EBA8E1E8B2: opening wide
  • 27FAB220-D87A-42EC-9E40-817EB9789A5A: simple opening of the mouth
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Thanks for the advice Paul! I will insist on a thorough check, considering my last appointment with the ENT was very quick. He only took a quick peek at the tonsils and felt my neck. This time around i’ll insist on some course of action. I am so nervous for some reason. I just feel as though something is not quite right, however i might just be making myself nervous after doing a google search. I know that Doctor Google can make a whole lot out of nothing. I figure at the next ENT appointment they will either give me more antibiotics or just schedule a day to take them out (i have been super nervous about the possibility of a tonsillectomy because many of my friends have said that it is a painful healing process) im hoping another round of antibiotics will do the trick. 

Just figured i’d check in. Today I went to see the same ENT doctor i saw a month ago (i was referred to him from the ER where I was treated for my abscess). He once again simply looked into my mouth and said “yeah those are big”. However he still wants to wait until December before considering a tonsillectomy. I told him how uncomfortable it was and how i haven’t been able to get much sleep, but he replied that he can’t perform the surgery now because i’m at risk of my peritonsillar abscess returning. I am not a very outspoken person, very quiet and shy, so i just trusted his opinion and left within 5 minutes of him entering the room. I am very unsure of what to do. He doesn’t seem very concerned so that eased my anxiety a bit, however it doesn’t change the fact that my throat feels very uncomfortable. Should I get a second opinion at my usual hospital? or should i simply wait until December? I feel very defeated. I would greatly appreciate any advice from anyone. 

Hello I am here to update anyone who comes across this thread with a similar issue. I went to the ENT once again and he  seemed concerned this time. Over the last 3 months they have grown to size 4+ & kissing. The ENT has scheduled a tonsillectomy. He wanted to perform the surgery 3 days from my appointment, however that would leave me in much pain over the holidays so he agreed to do it on as soon as possible in January. I will update again after the surgery. The ENT stated that both tonsils will be biopsied for abnormalities however it’s not looking good for me since my lymph nodes are also swollen in the neck. He did not want to alarm me, however I could see the concern on his face. I will not make any assumptions yet, but I will update as soon as possible. 

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