I'm just celebrating one year from the end of my treatment. It feels great!! Unlike many, I'm working full time and living life to the full.

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Hi Chris,

It is so lovely to hear that. So encouraging to know, very worrying to try and imagine what life will be like post treatment. These are the questions that Paul has asked and never seems to be any satisfactory answer. Obviously everyone different but does anyone get their saliva and taste back to normal.


L o L

Well done you !!

Can I ask, what were your symptoms / how did you receive your tonsil cancer diagnosis.

Just wondering, because I have a tonsil cyst - but you can guess what is always at the back of my mind.

I've looked to see if your story is anywhere on the site, but couldn't find it.
Hi Chris,

That is really wonderful news, gives me hope and I need that right now. Had my second check up on Monday and was given the OK.

I am 3 months past treatment and trying to get back to work. Had a couple of interviews, waiting for feedback which is doing my head in! Maybe the wait is meant to be and I am getting a little stronger everyday, although those "jet lag" moments are still hard to get through.

Best wishes


I had a checkup this morning and passed all the tests - Woohoo! I'm only seven months out after treatment though so I've got a long way to go. My life is back to normal as well.

Thanks so much for posting. Please be sure to keep it up whenever you have another anniversary or milestone. It's important for others, particularly newbies, to know that we can get through this and that there is life after cancer diagnosis and treatment. I think that when patients get good test results and no recurrence, they go on with life and don't come back to the board to report how they're doing. We're a very busy society!

Reading any of Haag's still kicking it posts was always inspirational to me and I admire him for continuing to show interest and share information with everyone.

Well done Chris!

Hi Joan, Winnie, Ken, Mimi and Chloe. Joan, unfortunately my saliva is not back to normal and I have to go everywhere with a bottle of water, but it doesn't stop me from doing anything. I've recently started using salagen on prescription and am hoping it will improve matters. My taste is absolutely fine, but I can no longer eat spicy foods or drink wine. Still, who needs them!! I'm a lot healthier, lost two stone in weight and am back in size 12 clothes for the first time since I was about 18. A student commented on how young I was looking the other day!!

Winnie, my diagnosis was as a result of a visit to the doctor with ear ache. I thought I needed to have my ear syringed, as I this had been necessary in the past.Instead, I was told that my tonsil was greatly enlarged and was referred to a specialist. The doctor spotted the problem only two days after I had been to the dentist. Needless to say I have changed my dentist!

Ken - good luck with the job applications. I was lucky that I managed to get by without ever going on to a peg and had somebody cover my job on a temporary basis.

Mimi - I'm looking forward to announcing my second anniversary. I've celebrated the first anniversary three times this week. I've now moved to two monthly checks now.

Good luck everybody. It can be done.

Best wishes

Great News Chris!

Can I just check that your check ups were monthly during the first year after treatment? Is that standard practice? When did you have your first scan after treatment and what kind of scan was it?

Cathy Shutt
Regarding saliva I don't produce enough now and the little I do is quite thick. I always carry a bottle of water and carry a mouth spray. Taste is good most of the time although sometimes things can be very over salty.

Take care

Every cloud has a silver lining Chris - I too am a size 12 now - WOO HOO! Dating for the first time in 3 years and loving life :-)

Isn't it great to be alive Big Grin

Love Chloex
Hi Chris

Well done! My first anniversary (tongue cancer) was a month before yours. Like you I am working full time and doing lots of wonderful things. I have also just been "promoted" from monthly to bi-monthly appointments so it feels like real progress, doesn't it?

Very best wishes
Gwyn x
Originally posted by suedebottom:
My taste is absolutely fine, but I can no longer eat spicy foods or drink wine.

Chris, i too lost my ability to eat spicey foods during or after my radiation. i still remember when i ate a regular hot dog with nothing but mustard and it was too spicey for me.

however, after about 6 months i was back to eating the same spicey foods i ate before my rads. got my taste buds back and most of my saliva.

it was a real break for me since i love spicey foods -- not the tear making ones though.....
Hi! Chris,
Boy how time does fly 12 months and apart from the inability to "spit" your life goe on and on, good on yah girl.
I still don't have saliva and it's amaxing how you get on without it, not being able to eat over spicy foods is a downer but it is improving.
Keep up the good news and everyday is a new and better day.
"I'll be back"
Hi Trev,
Good to hear from you. I was very moved by the beautiful words written by Deborah really helps to put things in perspective. Keep the jokes coming too. I will pass the latest Scottish one onto my youngest son who has just started studying in Edinburgh.

Take care

Hi Chris

Great news to hear all these wonderful experiences. I'm 6 months RT but stil improving everyday. I've heard great things about salagen and would love to hear how you get on with it. I'm pushing my doc to prescribe it but he doesn't appear to keen for some reason.

TAke care

Hi Ian
Sorry I've taken so long to reply. I've been busy at work and then suffering from sinusitis. I'm a bit disappointed in Salagen, as I haven't found a vast improvement, but it's still early days and it depends on the extent of the radiotherapy.

Hi Chris
Long time, no hear. Glad you're back in the loop. If you have ongoing problems with sinusitis, try horseradish and garlic tabs or capsules from the health food shop. There is a real story there but believe me, the stuff is majic and you aren't putting any more drugs into your system.
Take care and have a great Christmas.
Hi Deborah
I am on the garlic capsules due to my chemist, but am also on antiobiotics. I don't think I could eat horseradish if that's what you meant, as my mouth is still too sensitive from the radiotherapy. Cards now done, so back in the loop and off work until 5 Jan.

Hope you're keeping well. Love to Trev and have a great Christmas.

Hi there Deborah, sorry I havent had chance to answer your last email. Its so good to read you & Trevor have had a lovely time with friends. Thats given me a "rosy glow" & thats without a Brandy! Lots of love to you both. Fran.

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