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Hello, I need some thoughts on my situation.

1) I'm a long term US expat living in Eastern Europe, and I'm banging my head on the wall on some issues. In March, for only about two weeks, I had this feeling of phlegm in my throat, but nothing would 'spit up'. After about 2 weeks, I could hear a snore when I inhaled while awake, so we went to the doc and they inspected and saw a pink healthy-looking polyp, about 1.5-2cm in size, the doctor thought it was a tonsil.

2) I then went to the oncology wing of the main hospital, and they took a biopsy, gave me a sonogram, lung x-ray, prostate exam, and blood/urine tests. The next day they said it was malignant and recommended chemo, staging me T2N1M0, saying ultrasound showed 'something splotchy' was on neck node V (5). They said it was tonsil cancer, even though I had those removed at age 5. I asked if it was HPV16 positive, and they said no. I don't smoke or excessively drink (about 5-8 beers a month). I had no swelling or pain in my node areas.

3) I'm a big guy, at that time 129kg, so they gave me the max safe dose of taxol and carboplatin and after drips for liver, etc. One week after chemo injection, the doc looked at it, said it was shrinking, and used nitrogen gas to 'freeze' it in a cryosurgery procedure. The polyp-like tumor completely disappeared in a week.

4) Three weeks later before the next round of chemo, the head of oncology looked at it and said it was completely gone, and felt up my neck, said he felt nothing unusual. Had a CT scan, and they said they could see nothing indicating cancer, but my main doctor recommended a second round of chemo just to be sure. During some blood pressure test, I found out I have hypertension and began treatment for that.

5) Three weeks later, there is no sign I ever even had a tumor where the tonsil was (healed without scarring), but my doctor then recommended I begin radiotherapy "for prophylactic purposes" to make sure it is all dead. In order to do this, I have to get an MRI so they can target it. Going into the small-bore MRI machine I had a major PTSD panic attack from being trapped in a tunnel as a five-year-old and had to reschedule to a wide bore MRI and take some tranquilizers. MRI doc reported that there are NO SIGNS OF CANCER in the lymph node areas of my neck or elsewhere. We traveled to the capital city to consult with a private clinic, the doc there looked at the MRI digitally and could find no swollen nodes or 'shadows' indicating metastasis, and in fact, said there are no signs of any scar mass where the tonsil tumor would have been had it healed. She recommended a private lab retest of the biopsy, so we picked up the slides and biomaterials and sent them to a private lab. The results just came back and they said it showed malignancy, which is why I'm writing now...

A) Has ANYONE heard of a tonsil cancer going away completely after one round of chemotherapy?
B) How do they do radiotherapy of my neck nodes if they can't spot any swelling or cancer?

It all has seemed rather unreal, especially when I read that so many people had to undergo 6 rounds of chemo plus surgery or radiotherapy just to get the tumor to shrink, and mine completely vanished within 7 days of chemo. It totally feels like a complete or at least partial misdiagnosis (statistically 7-10% of tonsil cancer diagnoses are false positives), like maybe they mixed up the biopsy, or diagnosing it being in my neck lymph node from an ultrasound is mistaken.

The next step is another trip to the capital city for a thousand dollar PET/CT scan, which they say can detect cancers as small as 2mm (MRI only shows 5mm or bigger, and then, only in shapes and shadows, not color). 

6) Other things; I completely cut dairy out of my diet (except blue cheese in salads , drink 250ml 100% pure pomegranate juice daily and for 3 weeks took CBD oil daily. Chemo effects were mild for me, but I really DO NOT want to have to go through unnecessary radiotherapy, is it is $3000-$4000 here at the private clinics. Thanks in advance for reading this lengthy missive, as I said, I'm banging my head and just curious if anyone else ever had their cancer go away after such short treatment??

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