Hi everyone. I have noticed an asymmetry of my tonsils with the right tonsil appearing noticeably larger than the normal looking left tonsil. I just noticed this tonight in addition to experiencing aching in my neck on the same side as the enlarged tonsil which I've been experiencing for approximately one week now. I only notice this ache when I move my head in certain positions, such as turning my head to the side. Otherwise, there is no pain and neither the tonsil nor my throat are sore. However, my shoulder and the back of my neck have been sore and are worse in the mornings, which feels as though it my be muscular. I am hoping the aching I'm experiencing in my neck may be interconnected with this.

In terms of risk factors: I am a recovering alcoholic who drank heavily for approximately 10 years, so this worries me. I do not smoke, although I did have a tiny wart removed from my tongue last year, although I do not know if this is due to HVP. 

I have included a picture for reference. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions?




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Hi !  

Your post ist from April this year...  your neck lump looks just like mine.

Did you go to the doctor?  ENT ?  What did come out ?     

I hope you are doing  well !

Best wishes,  greetings from Germany

P.S. sorry for my bad English 

It’s a long shot since this was posted months ago – but did either of you get answers? I have the exact same thing and it’s all I’ve been focusing on.

Its exactly what mine looks like too, any ideas, 3.5cm lymph node, tonsil not swollen but has a funny looking growth on it


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