Hi everyone,Iwas diagnosed with a malignant tonsil tumour about 6 weeks ago,they removed the right tonsil and have referred me to christys.the hospital doctor said i had a t1 but christys told me a t4.i start radiation and chemo on the 6th jan,just not sure what to expect,feeling annoyed about doctor saying a t1 then christys saying a t4.
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It does seem a bit of a jump in diagnosis T1 to T4.
What scans have they done and what evidence do they base this diagnosis on? I had secondary tumours in my neck lymphs 10 years ago - necessitating a full neck dissection. Those tumours were classed as 3b/3c. .
I have replied to your other post - let us know how things are going for you.
Over 10 years ago I thought things were pretty hopeless for me - unknown primary and secondary extracapsular neck lymphs. Still here fortunately - a few scarea along the way.
All the best Tony K

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