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my dad suffered frm tongue cancer, he undergone radiation and chemotheraphy from aug 2013 to sept 2013.. he is just taking liquids from last month and unable to eat anything, toungue is full of pain and and unable to swallow, not taking anything other than liquid. i would like to knw from when my dad can eat normally like us?
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We all react differently - age can be a factor in speed of recovery I was 50 when i finished and was eating reasonably well 6 to 8 weeks after RT had finished.
BUT The food has to have moisture (lots of it) the saliva glands don't work after RT.Also spicy foods are a massive challenge - I can only take Korma strength curries even after 9 years. I run away from chillies!!

I still enjoy my food - maybe too much!!
Good luck to your dad - great that you are all being so supportive. Actions speak louder than words - he will really appreciate it even though
he will be emotionally stressed.
Cheers Tony K
My age when I received chemo and radiotherapy was 66. I had 33 radio treatments and was able to eat throughout (the SCC was left base of tongue). This wasn't comfortable and they insisted I had a tube stuffed up my nose - which was simply awful but I managed to 'unhave' it after a chemo session. No one likes to be sick but I was quite pleased at this and refused to have tube reinserted. I know, some people say they can cope with the tubes - but everyone is different and I couldn't. Yes, everything has to have PLENTY of gravy; meat needs to be casseroled to death; some fish is possible (cod/Haddock) but still needs plenty of sauce. I find fruit impossible and am selective on veg - can't do potatoes at all . Can do pasta, but it needs to be well cooked - al dente doesn't work. Going through a pub/restaurant menu can be pretty depressing as there is probably very little on there that can be managed. Please don't be stoical about this - explain the situation. Mostly they will do whatever they can to help.
Gradually increase things as you can. Things WILL change but maybe not quite as fast as anyone hopes. It is still 'very early days', as they say. I have come across people who were still relying on their NG tubes six months - and beyond - after the end of treatment.
The most difficult things to eat are chicken and turkey (that's useful with Christmas coming up!) and eggs can be a problem. If scrambling eggs they need to be left very soft- almost runny - or they become difficult to swallow.
I am still having difficulty 15 months on, and still learning how to cope. Taste will change quite frequently, but not always for the better, so try experimenting with little bits of different things.
The best of luck Ravee. I hope your dad doesn't get too depressed over this and I hope things improve.
I'm 28 and found out 2 days before Christmas that I have tongue cancer. Bit of a rubbish Christmas pressie.
I've just had a ct scan and find out next week the next stages ie removal. I find it really hard to eat before I've even had the op. Hard foods for me are a massive no go. Went out yesterday for pub lunch it gets little embarrassing when everyone has finished and I'm only half way through mine. I've started to notice already I'm losing weight. Which for me a little weight lose my be good. :-)
Hi nattod

I'm so sorry to read your news. Sounds like my Christmas 9 years ago.

I stopped eating lots of the foods I liked (too spicy, too crunchy, just made my mouth hurt) before surgery. I only ate if I had to, which was quite a drastic change for me. Basically, I tossed small bits of food in my mouth and swallowed (I called it snake eating). The worst part, though, was giving up coffee--it really irritated my tumor.

Even if you haven't told your friends and family, they know something's not quite right, they just might not know how to address it.

Please let us know how the scan turns out.

Hi nattod

No, not a good Christmas Pressie, but I hope you managed something.

I found that telling friends was not easy - probably because I was in a state of shock and didn't know what to say, Easier said than done but try not to lose too much weight. Creamy puds from the supermarket chill cabinet work pretty well. Going out for a meal is never easy and I find I am well behind everyone else. I always was a slow eater but the complaint certainly hasn't helped.

I have a cold at the moment and that really is pretty difficult to deal with - if things tasted nasty before, they taste even nastier now and the mouth is even drier and stickier.

Stay strong - we are here for you.
Hi, Been reading the postings.
I had base of mouth Cancer and neck Cancer op in 2000.
After 24 years eating still a big problem. I lost part of my tongue after the Radiotherapy and my teeth all eventually rotted.
I can only eat with a tea spoon and its very embarrassing. Hard to get food I can eat and have given up going out to eat now too much hard work and I get stressed at people looking.
I thank god I can at least eat.

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