I originally had an ulcer on my tongue for about six months. Biopsy came back fine. I then grew another ulcer a month ago and had it biopsied as well. I get the results in 3 days.
I have sporatic tongue pain in different aread and it comes and goes and have had a sore throat for about a week or so as well as nausea. I drink, smoke and have a suspicion that I may have hpv.
The biopsy site is still sore, it doesmt want to heal and its hard to eat. Today the other side of my tongue looks wavy like I am about to get 3 more ulcers on the other side.
Can anyone who has survived cancer offer me any reassurance?
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The only thing I can offer is to keep on top of the ulcers and have them checked frequently. I hope the latest biopsy comes back clear. I hate to say this, but the smoking and drinking will not be helping any condition you may have. They may not be causing a cancer but they will certainly be irritating the vulnerable areas.

Please let us know the biopsy result. Support is always here.
Thanks for replying.
Biopsy came back cancer free!!! He wants me to follow up with a dentist to see if a tooth has been causing trauma to the area.... but I doubt that. EITHER way... cancer free is good news.
Fantastic news! What a relief for you! Follow up with dentist sounds like a plan as teeth can do all sorts of horrendous things.

Also, please try not to stress about too much. Stress can cause as many problems as anything.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.....

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