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Hi all,

Well lets just say the 13th came and went!
Surgery sucked bad I woke up in awful pain was in recovery for 2 hours before my husband could see me. They told him he couldn't go back until my pain was under control. Uh it was bad. I finally got to a room at like 7:30 at night. I don't think I spoke to him much until 9. Then he said i wouldn't shut up. I kept puking from the pain pump med. I told them to switch me to my normal pain med. So i finally quit puking. Then saturda for breakfast they brought me a liquid tray. Needless to say I cried. Then they said nobody upgraded me to solids. I told them I was fine. Said they would bring me a normal tray never did. Luckily my hubby went to cafeteria and got some breakfast and I picked at some of his.

Dr didn't come in until 4pm I was upset. He talked to me made me walk which hadn't been good and he wasn't happy. Then I told him the front of my left thigh is numb I didn't notice till this morning. It is still numb as of today. Not sure why think it has to do with the cold packs they put on before surgery may have done some nerve damage. Dr said surgery went well got the tumor like he wanted with the radio frequency and put the cement in the hole in my hip. He told me to take it easy and would get me in physical therapy to build up the strength in my left leg.

Best to you all, Hubby picked up a cane for me at the drug store its pretty and purple to help support myself and not lean on him. Doesn't want me to get hurt. Is great weapon as well for the 7 year old who argues.

Hello Pam
Tough times (again!) for you but as usual you just tell it like it is without complaint.
I hope you find yourself getting around more and more easily each day and get a spring into your step soon.
With the fancy stick in hand you'll probably find a whole lot of people start behaving and saying all the right thing ~ just in case .....
Take care Pam. It's great to see you posting.
Hi Pam
Always upbeat!
How nice of your friends to set up your foundation and the website. I have just spent a half hour trying to donate however it keeps telling me I need to change my address or credit card or password!!!!!!!!!! I suspect Trevor must've had an account on my email address or something. There is nothing anywhere that enables me to make contact with Paypal to get it sorted. Can your friends advise me please?
Take care of yourself Pam and keep smiling.
I am unable to reply very well my laptop can't handle typing. I have more in my lungs or puss pockets. Erbitux did nothing for me as well. I am signed up for a trial but have protein in my urine and blood pressure is up. They want me to check it daily. A monitor is 54 for electronic. I don't know how to do it manually those are on 20. My blood pressure is only up when I meet with the trial people. Fine at my oncologist office.

Never ending!

Mimi & Pam,

i am sure many are like me.... check in quite often.... i go in spurts.... and for a long time i haven't been up to posting....

guess i would classify myself as tired, lazy, procrastinate, etc......but i still keep up with everyone by checking in... and yes, I hope that you Pam gets that test drug.... believe me it doesn't hurt to push the docs when you feel like you need something....and when they drag their feet push harder.... we are playing for keeps.... i am sure you have asked what else is out there since hopefully there are some alternatives drugs or treatments... and like my doc always tells me there is always something new on the horizon....

that was my intial problem i was too darn passive & let a doc put me off for over a month before i started the radiation. i also think i got better control of my situation when my wife started going to the appoinments with me. she is a detail person & probably knows my case better than the docs since she is only following me where the docs are following dozens... course the lab results and the CT-scans give them the actual status.....

later, pete228

I am very sorry to hear this unwelcome news. You have been an inspiration to many of us in your postings over the last 2 years.

Even in this extremely difficult situation, you still give us thoughts on how you are handling this crisis in posting about being comfortable and enjoying yourself for whatever time you have left.

Thank you,

Hi Sweetheart,

That's so typically you to say that now's the time to be comfortable and enjoy yourself and I'm sure you will.

Do us a favor (if you haven't already) and give your husband, family member. good friend or hospice worker this site address, your user name and password so that the person can let us know how you're doing if you don't feel up to corresponding.

Well, hell. Pushed Post Now a little too quickly! Take care, beautiful Mom. There are a lot of people who have been genuinely touched by you.

Merry Christmas, Pam. Will be thinking of you.

Hello dear Pam
Your strength, your consideration of others and advice on the forums has been nothing short of inspirational to us all.
Sadly this kind of news is part of the territory we're all part of and I'm so sorry your journey has taken you along this path.
I hope your time now enables you to rest as much as you need, spend time with your beautiful boys, share your love with them and your husband, creating new memories for them to hold.
My heart goes out to you and yours Pam. Rest easy and try to catch the love we're all sending your way.
Dearest Pam,
Words are just not enough to express how I feel when I read about what you have to go through and endure. U have inspired us all with your continuous words of encouragement and your strength in facing this crap head on...and I sincerely hope that you will get yourself comfortable and spend as much quality time with your boys and husband as possible..

Thinking of you in Malaysia.
Hi Pam
I hardly know you, I'm fairly new to this site, but already you have helped, encouraged and inspired me. You have been so generous with your replies to my posts, although I'm sure my questions and concerns must have seemed trivial in comparison to all that you have endured.
You and your family are in my thoughts.
Vicky x
I had this posted in the Specal Mention forum earlier today (12-29) but was nudged by Pete228 to post it here (Spiritual Bouquets). He's right as this is the correct place for this sad announcement.

I've been concerned about Pam (momoftwoboys) and looked up Kentucky obituaries a few minutes ago. I googled her name to make sure I have the right Pam and there were several references, including fund raisers specifically for her and her family, describing her oral cancer.

Pamela Tiffany Webb Cain, age 33, passed away on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at her residence in Union, KY. Connley Brothers Funeral Home in Latonia, KY serving the family.

When the full obituary is published I'll add it.

This was her last message to us on December 15th: "dr signed me up for hospice today, No radiation left to try and no chemo trials, this last one should not have done. Now to be comfortable and enjoy my self."

You can view Pam's family pix in the Member's Albums forum.

Dear, dear, sweet Pam, Mom of Two Boys. Rest in peace, my friend.

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