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Hiya are there any younger tongue cancer diagnoses Here? I was diagnosed Age 39 in April 2020. i would be interested of anyone with similar experiences. I had right neck dissection ... radial arm Tongue flap and radiotherapy die to poor prognostic features on histology and a cancerous lymph node. I’m generally doing okay. Apparently there’s a trend for more ‘atypical’ female tongue cancer sufferers. Is it becoming less rare?

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Sorry Naomi I’m not a young mouth cancer  sufferer I was diagnosed in 2015 I had a right neck resection and radiotherapy I hope to be discharged this month but all up in the air with Covid

     You sound as if you’ve doing well it’s such a shock diagnosis and radiotherapy is the pits I live alone as I’m a widow in my seventies best thing was my daughter coming from Germany to look after me while I had the neck resection a special time together spent lots of money enjoying the couple of days prior to the op

 I must reassure You I can now eat almost anything can even drink red wine takes time but still love life sad at the moment with the virus but hope to get back to travelling and trekking 

 All the very best to you Ruth

Hi Naomi, 
I was diagnosed with stage iv SCC in the left of my tongue, that had crossed over the boarder into the right side. I was 39 too.

I've had a total glossectomy, RFFF, mandible split (my scar is zigzag down my chin and runs down my throat and from ear to ear). I had a neck dissection where a total of 79 nodes were taken from both sides.

I went through 33 radiotherapy sessions, 2 cisplatin and 12 immunotherapy (pembrolizumab)

I've been cancer free for 14 months. I live just outside North London. 

Happy to chat with you.

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