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It's benign...thank goodness.
Here's what the report says:
Sections show squamous mucosa with a papillary architecture.Within the stromal papillae, there is proliferation of capillaries and fat cells. the appearances are those of a capillary haemangioma. there is no evidence of malignancy.

I don't need to see him for a follow up.

I have learnt such a lot from this forum about oral cancer that I was ignorant about before.

Thanks so much to Dr Joshi and everybody else who has helped me over the past few weeks and I honestly don't think I could of get through all this without the support from everybody one here.

Love and Best Wishes,


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Hi there,
I had the results of my biopsy which revealed appearances of a capillary other words they found no evidence of malignancy.
The consultant did say if you have problems swallowing in the future just come back to see me. When I got my discharge letter it said "consider re scan in three months time".
I've not had any problems but am just starting to wonder if they should have done a re scan anyway?
I'm sure the consultant would have said if I did need one?
I'm also being tested for cushings disease and also had a pituitary adenoma so I'm sure they will want to re scan that at some point anyway.
That was the scan I had done that picked up the lump inside my tongue.
Just wondered what everybody's thoughts are?
Hope everybodys ok?

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