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What's great about this site is that you can get the points of view and opinions from people from so many walks of life. All of our experiences are unique so we can all bring something different. Cancer treatments are tailor made so we can say what worked or us and hope someone else can gain from that.
Having our good doctor as moderator - with his wealth of knowledge makes the site credible.

& having support from people that KNOW how feel, that have been there themselves, makes all the difference!
I find this site useful for shared experiences. When something is asked about that has had lots of posts in the past Dr Joshi posts a link to them all which is really useful. The support from others o the site is great (I have only met 1 person from this site but feel like I know lots more people).

Uploading profile pictures could be easier.

Love Chloex
Apart from the points that have already been mentioned (and I agree with all of them) one thing that is particularly good about the site is that there are people on it from all over the country and, indeed, all over the world so it is possible to hear about experiences, good practice etc from different areas. The internet is wonderful in this respect!



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