I thought maybe we could all put down a few ideas for feeding when not at home. I'm off to London this week and in my hall I already have some supplies essential to my own personal convenience.

LOL it is so strange because I used to so look forward to gourmet eating in Soho and the like and I expect we will, but I also expect to be waiting to get back to our hotel where I have the odd goodie that I know I can totally eat.

So in the hall I have 2 packets of Jaffa cakes in individually wrapped 3 packs - ideal for 150 calorie fast snack I can keep in my handbag and dip in a cup of tea. Tins of pull ring Ambrosia rice pudding. A tin of peaches, small cans of coke to cleanse the mouth first thing and do naughty things to the teeth ( sorry Vinod). I also have some of those McVities's breakfast AM bars that I can manage to eat with lots of fluid and again portable. Plus 12 small bottles of drinking water for my handbag ( not all at once, but essential to drink from after 5 minutes talking or when dryness strikes, that is constantly.

With all this drinking going on it's also a good idea not to go too far from a loo!

One food I can eat are vegetable samosas. The taste is quite strong but I find them edible. So that will suit my husband as he likes the odd curry. What I really fancy is a Chinese but think maybe fried rice would be the best I could manage as I still can't eat meat.

I do find going away a good strategy because it forces you to try a few new things out of sheer desperation and sometimes it's successful.

How do other cope with being away from the house foodwise?
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Hi, Well the first thing I do is see if they have omlette on the menu this I can manage if you ask for it soft.
Last time away I lived on Pasta cooked in every way possible and the more garlic the better.Spagetti of all types is pallatable it slips down a treaty.
Managed to eat fish with mushy peas and a jacket potato.
The trick is to have plenty of water on hand to wash it down.
I cut up all my food before I start then try a bit of everything usually eating what I am not keen on first then what I like last.
I NEVER used to have sweets but now have a craving for then my best being Creme Caremal which I can make at home with ease.
Been for the odd curry which I found ok but that was vegatarian.
Chianese yes had a couple in Soho just wash the rice down with water but it takes so long to feed myself with a teaspoon I get fed up and give up.
One thing I do when hungry is dip a biscuit in my coffee if I saw anyone doing this before I was unable to manage it any other way I would have thought it very rude to dunk!

Food does not present me with a problem except for beef and hard biscuits propbably because I did not hav eradio but I understand how you must feel becuse food does not have the same appealanymore by the way Pauline what happened to you you can PM me if you want to or IM using blitzeileen
Hi Paul
how are you you seem to manage to eat anyway I could not get over the difference between your two photos you were a strapping lad and looked very fit I have read your story and feel that it was terrible luck that it went to your neck you did not have any discomfort before then?
HI I am not sure about the strapping bit but yes I was physically well. NO I had a small white lump in my mouth and for ages the GP was treating it with antibiotics until I went to the dentist he
referrred me to my LOCAL hospital whoo did a biopsy and a week later I got the result it was clear YIPPIE I went on hols with my friend to celebrate and on the last day felt limps in my neck, The day I got back EVENTUALLY got to speak to someone at the Middlesex Maxiollfacial who told me to go there straight away and the rest my friend is history one ruined life !sorry feeling down today !!!


Dont apologise for feeling down you have every right to feel bitter do you wonder sometimes Paul what would have been the result if you had not gone to report the lumps in your neck or are you certain you would have died without it. I felt even when I had the biopsy done that I did not have cancer did you thicnk that or were you worriedfrom the beginning
HI Pikeman

You are an inspiration to everyone even though you have to feed with a tube from what Ive seen a lot more needs to be done in counselling a person before the operation after all two or three weeks will not make much difference.
Your wife is a very supportive woman and your licky. I suppose you feel like me at least I had 60+ years in good health unlike some opf the others
HI Eileen, All the signd were there but I guess because of my age and the reason nobody else picked up on inwas my age. I was on a diet and losing weight so I was QUITE happy. But the times I would fall asleep after work and when we went to the theatre I would always fall asleep but just thought it was me getting older and my body telling me to slow down, Now I have had to slow down to a snails pace and I look at what has to be done and feel tired but I do get jobs done inbetween my naps.If anyone did not know different they would think I had the sleeping sickness, I can always be found asleep in bed or on the couch.Well I get days like this but I pray that tomorrow will be better.You really have to be more positive forget whats BEEN done and concentrate on getting your self out, I am not the one to advise but it is the only way, I get frightened every time I come on rdoc and read 50% chance of surviving first 5 years and my mind goes into overdrive, what about my money, what about the flat, who going to bury me it is a sad road to take I assure you.Do not go there.

HI Paul

I feel so much for you that you are suffering both mentally and physically like you i walked my dog two miles every day lectured part time evenm at 62 I have been on holiday to Majorca I have read an interesting article whereby people with oral cancer are now saying if I had known the reults I would have taken another road i.e. not have it done and ther are certain surgeons who say its a lump tkae it out anyway to be sure at least I had nearly 20more years of good health than you Like you outgoing cheerful optomistic and completely happy and In the article they have stated that only 5% get full blown oralcancer with white patches similar to yours what did they do about the lumps you found in your neck
Paul forgt one thing

You sworry about your survival its something I really dont care about anymore thats why |I wopuld have preferred to have been left in peace and not gone for the biopsy so I would have been ignorant of any developments I have always said that if ever I got into a state of pain I would sort it out swift and soon
Hi Paul - being frightened anpit survival is OK I guess. But remember you've at least a 50% of beating the 5 year barrier.

And why worry about your money, your flat etc. Once you're dead they all become somebody else's problem. Anyway, by the time you die you might have spent all your money and have got sick of the flat.

"""All I intend leaving my family are my debts""".

Don't know who first said that, but there could well be truth hidden in there.

Cheers Paul - keep punching
Hi Paul, well that's sad news.

It must be particularly disappointing for you given how much you wre looking forward to getting some degree of normality back into your life.

However, no matter how competent you are the job if you don't feel yet confident because of your physical changes, then you'd do yourself no real good staying on.

I don't think a working environment, particularly one where there's a high stress level, is the best place to try to rebuild one's self-confidence.

Recovering self-confidence is probably harder than adjusting to physical changes. But you seem to be an articulate person so, hopefully, you've got a circle of supportive friends.

I'm tempted to say use them but that would sound a bit bald. What I'm thinking is maybe you expanding your social life before thinking of work.

What do you feel/think?
Hi Paul

Your sounding so down I have tried to find the article whereby people are now asking more questions etc about side effects there are a lot more people out there who would have chosen not to have had treatment had they known the resultant unhappiness. I would like to say cheer up buts its difficult when you are feeling down do you have trouble with your neck

Paul Yes we go out have been to cardiff this morning for impressions for the horribly expensive implants I wont tell you the cost you will have a fit.Do you take any tablets paul and did you ask what wass the alternative to the treatment i did not but i should have do you still go for checkups and if you enjoy a ciggie well goon and enjoy it I have never smoked how do you manage if only on benefits it cannot be easy.
I dopnt smoke and never have one of the oldie generation who never heard of drugs etc.
I dont know how opur friend [ikeman tolerates his feeding tube it would drive me crackers.
I have had a holiday in Majorca and it was lovely last minute booking I always say Paul you can win the lottery but it means nowt if you have not got health its the most impertoant thing in life
HI Dr Joshi, I read with interest what you say about implant as I have posted before I am waiying to have all my teeth out but they keep putting it off because of the risk of infection which apparantly is high and can leave you in a mess for life!( what I have read on the Cancer sites are horendous if it all goes wrong Frowner )
Should I ask them how much it would cost to put teeth in my lower Jaw to aid my eating which is limilted anyway? I have a denture at the top as lost 4 teeth when I was attacked a long time ago now so I do not suppose they can implant there?
could you please advice.

Hi Dov

I am going to a very experienced dentist who even lectures to the Univeristy dental hosp. Have 6 implants in lower jaw no problems with healing and will have a set of teeth made to be screwed in. No probelmsmwith healing so mouth is in good condition it was never in bad condition. he always wants to,put a couple in the to but am resisting at meoment no because of expense only its a lon wait in between I wear a dentuire a thenbottom at the moment which does not fit well at all and I cannot eat with it in. so hopefully will solve problem.
Oh-oh, are you 100% sure you want to know what could go wrong?

If so so, I'll bet that Paul has been given all the gory details.

I'm out of this discussion as I wasn't able to wear my dentures prior to the op, and as I've said before if I got new dentures now I doubt if I'd be able to talk at all.

So, it's over to you Paul. Let's have the horror story that's been given to you.

Looking forward, with lip-smacking anticipation, to the revelations.

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