Hello! My name is Katie! I just turned 21 two days ago. I did smoke for about a year and a half and I quit a while back and now I just started vaping. I noticed about two months ago I had some small tiny bumps on the floor of my mouth. Some look like pimples, they don’t hurt at all and they don’t affect anything.  I can’t find anything on the internet that is similar to anything I have, except one picture. I can attach the picture Plus the ones of my mouth they aren’t super clear though I can try to take better ones. I had a specialist look at them about a month ago and they said it wasn’t cancer. I’ve just kept worrying myself to death because I want to have a happy healthy life and have children with my spouse. I’m going to try to get to a dentist to see if I need a biopsy once I get dental insurance. The picture of under the tongue with the big bubble, is not what I’m talking about I’m talking about the tiny bumps on top of the bubble. 


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Might be the start of dysplasia. Mine started with two tiny white bumps in February this year. It spread rapidly so after a month I had my first biopsy on my tongue when it was diagnosed as dysplasia. They asked me to return in two months.and then referred me to an oncologist. I am not waiting for an operation to remove the affected area. Hope this helps. Keep going back if you're not happy. Good luck.

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Sorry , that should read now waiting.

It’s okay! I had an online dentist look at it and he said it’s perfectly normal. I’ve had a specialist look at it and he said it was normal as well? So I’m not sure I’m not experiencing any pain. Thank you! 

Well done but make sure you check every day. Pleased to hear that Katie. Take care and if you ever want to know anything else , please let me know.

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