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Just a tip that helps me eat.

I've got all the usual: Dry mouth, Can't open mouth far, difficulty swallowing, sore teeth/gums what's left of them. I have always been a keen cook and loved my food. It is very difficult now as we all know to keep enthusiastic about eating, however I find that using tinned tomatoes with virtually everything I cook helps everything slip down a treat.

Hope this helps someone. Phil
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Hi Garance, so glad you're back and very sorry to hear of all your problems. We've missed your humour and postings.
I agree with you about the tomatoes, I couldn't eat anything with tomatoes in for months due to the acid. Even tinned soups all had too much tomato in. In fact I was amazed at how many saucesetc were tomato based.
Eating everything I can get my hands on now tho' getting quite a little pot belly!
Hi Sue, well I am eating far better than I was six months ago, however when I get a sore mouth I am back on the prridge, with double cream as it goes down so well; as I lived in France for most of my life, and cook quite well, and love Indian food, it's all very boring now, but slowly I think we will all get there; still could not manage a glass of red wine, pure pain and so acid. Big Bear Healing Hugs.
Hi Garance I still can't manage a glass of red wine. In fact I can't stand the smell of it, smells like vinegar to me. I used to love red wine but that love affair is well and truly over probably for the best! Iam able to eat Indian food which I love, and I hope you will be able to again in the future. I started off by making my own curries using all the spices- cumin, coriander, tumeric garlic, small amount of ginger and just omitting the chilli powder. I love cooking it is a huge hobby of mine even when I could not eat I still cooked for all the family - my friends thought I was mad.
I had awful problems with Dry Mouth since completing treatment for base of tongue cancer in July 2010. Constant drinking, gels, sprays and synthetic saliva’ 24/7/ became unbearable. I found in the US a Colonel Richard Niemtzow who discovered, developed and still practices his Dry Mouth treatment in Maryland.USA. He also created battlefield acupuncture and is the world renowned authority on these treatments.

I exhausted places in the UK to be treated with his protocol. so visited him July 9th, 2011 and within the first of only two sessions was able to produce saliva again. No more gels, sprays and synthetic saliva since this date and unbroken sleep since.

I was profoundly affected at the results of the treatment so started in the UK The Dry Mouth Foundation. but you could visit the colonel via his website

Let me know how you get on.

Terry Gannon.
Dry Mouth Foundation.

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