A big Hi to all those who took a stride in the walk and others who followed the same.

I truly hope the walk went off very well and everyone besides enjoying the strenous walk alsoshowed some great courage to all those who walked but as they felt for all those people who have fought against Cancer.I hope also everyone who took part will put in their posts so that all of us so far away can also think about the race and relate to the same.

We have a similar walk coming up in India and I am not sure if I should attend or not. Its not because I am upto it but because of all the politics the NGOs' play and always have pushed me in the limelight to further their cause, which I feel is being terribly misused.

Anyway - there is still a bit of time and it gives me time to think.

Looking forward to all your posts -

with lots and lots of love and a special hug to each one of you'll,
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