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Good afternoon Vinod,
Yes that was ,as you say, inspirational.I found it moving to reflect on this man's situation.Everything to live for,a young family, obviously a talented man, on the face of it fit and yet in a few short months he will be but a memory.
You ask the question "what would you say?" May be some people can answer that but I am not one of them. I have never been good at saying goodbye and I would rather not plan the final one until it is necessary,I hope I can show the courage and fortitude we saw in the video.
Some words spoken by Winston Churchill spring readily to mind and would not seem out of place here.

He was being driven to London in September 1939 to take up his post of First Lord of the Admiralty ( for the second time) his wife,Clementine, was in the car with him.
Winston said :- The night before the Battle of Blenheim, Marlborough said to his aid tomorrow I conquer or die. Now I know how he felt.
Winston turned to Clemmie and said "Thank you"
For what? she asked
Thankyou for being rash enough to marry me.
Thank you for being foolish enough to stay
with me all these years.
Thank you for loving me in a way I thought
I would never be loved.
Keep Smiling Razzer

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