Oops- I think I did it again!!!

Top Ten Indicators Of Your Having Become An "Amrikan Dood"

10. You think most Indian teenagers are pure and chaste.

9. You think everyone in the world knows about the O.J. Simpson case.

8. You can't believe the world wide web exists in India. You can't believe Delhi has had phone services like call waiting and the other fancy stuff you get here for the past three years and you can't believe there have been ATM (like MAC) machines in Indian cities for more than 7 years.

7. You like Broccoli.

6. You find cricket to be boring but watch golf, bowling or curling on TV.

5. You express sarcasm with "Yeah, right."

4. When you see anyone at all pass by you on the road, you greet them with a "Howz it goin", "Whassup" or "How you doin" and keep walking on.

3. You say "interesting" when either you don't care or think it is weird.

2. You refer to India as a Third World Country.

1. You understood, enjoyed and could relate to every joke in Asian Jokes & Funny Pictures.
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Hi Ananth (if that IS your real name)

I have to plead ignorance on the majority of the list (clearly I'm not an Amrikan Dood), but there are a few that you just got wrong.

I thought #3 was a Michiganism--who knew the other 49 used it too.

As for #7--I really do like broccoli unless it's been cooked into oblivion by my mom.

#6? Only Olympic curling.

Dear Julia,
In the first instance, my name is Ananth (it IS my real name) which means 'immortal" in Hindi. I am Indian and the joke is actually a take off on Indians who go to settle down in the US. We Indians (not all) are known for our very own special version of English - called "Hinglish" - a mix of Hindi and English. When these people return to India on the vacations etc. - they are usually known as "Amrikan dood" (American Dude). Most when they touch India again for the first time, one sees the difference between how they were and what they have or pretend to have become.
Just to give you an example - noone (well, 90% or more of the population) in India has heard of curling and it becomes a topic of discussion as its something new to discuss with family and friends. On the part about Broccoli - its not really a favorite with Indians and is usually consumed by people who are well travelled. In fact unlike in the US where its a normal vegge. - here in India its considered an exotic one and one that has to develop a taste for.

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