Thankyou Dr Vinod & everyone involved in the organisation of the walk for all your hard work.

We had a lovely day, it was great to see some familiar faces in the flesh.

Lovely to be able to say Hi to Michelle in person. I recognised you straight away.

Just going to rest my weary feet now.

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Hi guys!
Just want to echo Mums thankyou to Dr. Joshi and the team!
Mum, good to see you! Bright & cheary!
I did the walk with Dave & Sue - who are just as warm, loving & sweet in person as theyare on here. & Dave did so well considering he wasn't sure if he was up to it! ( i think he did a bit of a sprint finnish as he caught up with us again at the finnish after his loo break!!)
& also walked with Susana, who had treatment in brighton at the same time as me. She looked fantastic, and is great company.

& yes, Krishan IS a real person Wink & Geeta is so pretty!

Dr. Joshi is very inspiring & his mention of Clair Jones (who had so many people walking on her behalf) bought tears to my eyes.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. & it was just great!

If there was anyone there i didn't get to say hello to, i'm sorry. I hope you had a lovely day to.
& to those that didn't make it, you were there in spirit!

Best wishes,
I would also like to say a big thank you! There was such a great atmosphere yesterday and the organisation was fantastic. I really enjoyed meeting Dave and Sue (hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in London) and spending time with Michelle and your family. It was such a beautiful day for a walk in the park and it was one of those days when life felt great!

The Joshis are an amazing family and it was nice to see you all in the flesh. Thank you for all you do - as Chelle says, you are all very inspiring.

See you all again next year!

Love Susana
Hi everyone

We would like to echo the thoughs and thanks everyone else has posted about the walk yesterday, it was such a special and amazing event to be involved in.

Michelle and Susana it was great to meet you both yesterday and thank you for you lovely words you have both posted.

Dave said he was honoured and proud to do the walk with you both.

Love Sue
(Dave will post tomorrow he is resting after his sprint at the end).
A big well done to everyone who completed the walk

A big thankyou to Michelle,Susana and Amir and of course Michelles mum and partner.

Michelle and Susana it was a honour to do the walk with you both not only that but i had the best time for a while and felt so happy,
happy but tired ,i felt so good we slowley walked back to the Hotel on the pedometer 3401 steps

Susana let us know how your trip plans out and go out there and enjoy it you deserve it

Mind you you two seemed pretty fit and that helped me go on apart from toilet breaks

how are you now, are your legs still aching

i was lucky i had Monday off work

When we got back to the hotel i soaked in the bath Sue had some lunch and we just watched Spiderman 3 in the room

Thanks again and i would also like to say thank you to Sue for all the support in getting me well enough to do the walk
Hi Dave,
My feet were ok yesterday but my hip ached a bit for some strange reason!
Don't be modest about the p[ace we walked at - you had your sprint finnish at the end! Wink
Cant believe you even walked back.
I did a little shopping after!
Oh, and my Doggy Salon opens on 1st November!

You should ease up on yourself Dave you're doing geat!

Take care guys!

Glad you had a good rest on Monday Dave and you enjoyed the shopping Chelle! Great news about the salon too. Thanks for your good wishes about my trip too Dave - I am very excited about it!

I was a little bit stiff on Monday morning, but not too bad. I think we walked at a good pace in order to appreciate the sights and have a proper chat. I remember wanting to do the walk last year, but I had just started radio and chemo so there was no way. It is great to think how far we have all come in a year!

Love S
I did some oif the walk, but took a few shortcuts, as I have had a pain in my heel for the last 4 weeks. I have just been to see my doctor about a pain in my heel, and apparently I have got policemans heel. Anyway, well done to all of you who managed the whole walk. I spoke to a gentleman at a kiosk, and explained why we were walking, and hopefully we may have made more people aware of the risks of mouth cancer.


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