I had a fantastic time - the last 2k was a killer though. It was so great to meet you Dr Joshi and Muse Fan.

maybe next year we could wear lables with our usernames for the site on it as I would have like too have met you Mum.

I think I am going to spend most of today in bed!

Love Chloex
Hi Chloe and Mum

it was a great day wasn't it? I did keep an eye out for you Chloe but didn't manage to spot you. Met up with johnmac, though - good to have company on the walk round. Labels sounds like a good idea as otherwise it is hard to approach people.

Legs a bit stiff today, but am up and about.

I would also like to offer my thanks to Dr Joshi and the Team. It was a wonderful way to spend my 33rd wedding anniversary!

Love to all

Gwyn xx
Hi everyone,
I was on the organising team on Saturday and I had a great day. There was such a friendly and positive atmosphere and a real mixture of people from patients to carers to professionals, including my former speech therapist and Macmillan nurse. I met Gwyn and Pete, Chloe and John and his wife (sorry we had a long chat by the finishing line but I never asked your name!). I hope lots of money was raised and thanks to the Joshi family for all your hard work as ever.
Best wishes to all, S
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