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I am writing these few lines on behalf on my husband Frank O'Callaghan who saddly passed away on Friday 15th Jan. We didn't use the forum too much but when we did found it a great comfort and I just want to wish you all lots of luck and you are all in my thoghts and prayers, Frank struggled with his cancer for little under 12 months and I got great help and comfort from the time on spent on this website.

Thank You
Jennifer O'Callahan
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Hello Jennifer
My deepest sympathies to you and yours.
It's a sad and tough time for you but try to take strength from your time together and the peace that Frank now has. It really takes some adjusting to not just because you have lost your love but also because of the time you will now have on your hands.
I'm here if you would like to pm me at any time.
Thinking of you and sending my love

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