My teenage daughter has a swelling in the very centre of her top lip. It looks almost like a bubble in appearance. It has come and gone in the past few months 3 times , but came back 3 weeks ago and is getting bigger and bigger to the point of disrupting her speech. She has been referred to the maxillofacial unit of our local hospital and we are awaiting an appointment. Her gp was very reassuring, but we are both very scared.
worried what it may be, and my daughter is virtually housebound due to her appearance, in tears, inconsolable. missing school.
I dont know why im posting this message really, just wanted to put into words my worry and frustration, and maybe just maybe someone reading this may have had something similar, and may know what this is likely to be.
thank you for reading. sorry and appologise if posting in this forum is not acceptable.
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Hello Worried Mum Posting on here is never unacceptable, especially when you are worried sick about your daughter. I cannot say I have experienced what you are describing, but hopefully there is someone on this forum who has and will give you some advice, but I just want to welcome you to the message board and let you know that you are always welcome to air your fears on here.

You say your GP was reassuring so please try and take some comfort from that. The medical professionals have usually seen it all before and know when something is or isn't a cause for concern. The fact that he/she has referred your daughter to the Max Fax unit is the best way to get this sorted out for your daughter and give you peace of mind. I just hope she doesn't have too long a wait. Bless her, it's an awful thing for a teenage girl to have to cope with and you will have a hard job trying to boost her confidence. I feel for both of you.

Dr Joshi might be posting later on tonight and hopefully he can shed some light on what this might be.

Please let us know how your daughter gets on (it might help someone else in a similar situation) Meantime, I wish you all the best for an 'innocent' outcome.
Dear Worriedmum

The most common cases of swelling of the upper lip are usually caused by trauma (such as biting/nibbling the lip) causing a localised collection of fluid. This is usually easily treatable and nothing sinister.

I can understand your concern but try not to worry. I think it's best to wait for your appointment with the specialist at the hospital. Hope this helps.

Regards, Geeta

Disclaimer: Please see your own dentist/doctor for a proper diagnosis as my words should not, in any circumstances, be taken as dental/medical advice.
Hello Worriedmum

There are several causes for a recurrent swelling of an upper lip, none of them is cancer. One of them is a condition called angioneurotic oedema - a sort of allergic reaction to sometimes a discernable cause (new toothpaste, soap, pillow, etc) and sometimes no cause is found. If the condition is causing your daughter distress, ask your doctor to arrange an urgent appointment for investigation and diagnosis and appropriate management.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
This is a long shot being over 10 years old to worried Mum
Did you ever find out what it was
I’m a 40 year old man and have had the same symptoms as your daughter for 2 years
My GP doesn’t seem to know and Max Facial doesn’t seem to know either so basically I’m stuck and keep getting passed backwards and forwards
Any help would be appreciated



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