I found this out by accident a couple of weeks ago with a glut of courgettes growing rapidly into marrows in the garden.
They are a godsend for tricky eaters. Slice them, sprinkle with salt, leave for a couple of hours over a receptacle (they lose water), rinse under cold tap to get rid of excess salt, pat try with kitchen towel, lightly fry, adding garlic if you want to give it some flavour, fry on very very low
heat for about 10 mins. Then blend. And now comes the great bit......
Put the blended mixture over another blended mixture you might not be able to swallow. In my case ground beef; or the all-importabnt protein-laden but monotonous lentil.
Don't mix. Just the courgette/marrow on top.
Then fork up and pop in. You'll find that the light6 courgette mixture helps the other to slide down.
Try it. I gave myself six Brownie points for this one!
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Hello Dr Joshi. Thanks.I've sewn the stars on the epaulettes! Seriously though,I am so pleased that you wrote 'zucchini'. I was looking up a recipe for a mulligatawny soup the other day and the Vegetarian Indian bok said 'zucchini.'. Hadn't got round to looking it up but thought it was pasta.
Strange, I thought.
Now I understand. They are courgettes. So why couldn't they say so!!!
Regards Ishbel

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