Hi all, I just thought I'd put my 2-cents in here and say WOW!

Al & I couldn't stop replaying the video and had tears in our eyes each time we saw it.

Were any of you affected like this?

Love to All, Cricket
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This is an insightful article about Susan Boyle by a woman who has never met her but whose sister has Asberger's. She compares the two and her sister and Susan have remarkably similar traits, particularly the difficulty with social situations. The site, BTW, is one of my favorite blog style forums.

My Sister is Susan Boyle

Susan made a track on a CD in 1999 that sold 1000 copies. In my opinion, it is even far better than her GBT debut song.

Cry Me A River

I thought the twelve-year-old boy was excellent!

I saw her performance recapped on the local news. What an absolutely heavenly voice. What surprised me more, though, was that the judges--even Simon--actually seemed to like and enjoy what they heard.

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