Hi paul

yes i am still here,every day in fact,but i just stick to PM'S now as there is a whole new generation of members who seem to be working well together,and don't need to hear from people who's outcome was not all they are hoping for.

Glad to see you are still battling along love

Thanks Mum,i am sorry to say things are pretty grim just now.Robins brother ,who has never really come to terms with losing Rob,tried to hang himself two weeks ago.His wife dumped him because of his emotional state,and this just tipped him over the edge.Two days after attempting suicide,he left his house in the early hours of the morning,leaving behind his wallet,keys,car and telephone,and despite air and ground searches by the police,and radio and television appeals,he hasn't been seeen since.Today was a bit of a make or break day,as no one believed he wouldn't be in touch ,and the police had Rob's grave under surveillance all day.It has been a very sad day all round ,but there is nothing to do but wait for the damn phone to ring.

Hi Liz,

Posted you a short message this morning under 'Spiritual Bouquet' but it's got 'bumped' off.

Seems like July is not a good month for you. It must be awful having this worry about Robin's brother and a dreadful situation for the whole family. Please keep us updated.

Thinking of you. Take care.

You are truly a survivor Liz.

How ....... I don't have the words to express how utterly terrible it must be for the whole family with the worry of his brother disappearing and the anniversary - sometimes life's storms seem like they will never end, don't they.
Liz, so sorry to hear of Robins brother. This must have and still be so stressful for you and Robin's family. As you say unfortunately there is absolutely nothing you can do. I hope and pray he gets in touch soon.

Keep strong Liz & keep talking to us

Love Mum
Hi Liz

I can not believe it has been a year. You are a true survivor and a very special person who has helped and supported not only Dave and me but may people on this site. Keep up the good work, Dave say's to say hi.

Dave & Sue
I joined this community in January, 2008, so I didn't know much about Robin other than from posts written after his death. Seeing his pictures in the Community Album put a face to the name and what I saw was the face of a handsome, gentle, wounded soul with still twinkling eyes, surrounded by people who loved and cared about him. I've learned that people feel the same way about you - you're surrounded by people who love and care about you both on this board and OCF. The way you jump in to give encouragement, information, comfort, or sympathy - whatever is needed - is incredible. I'm sure there are many who have learned more from you than from their doctors.

I don't wish to detract from your first survivor anniversary, but I'm curious (as I'm sure many others are) about news of Robin's brother. Please keep us posted.

I wish you happiness and peace in your future. You're a remarkable woman. Thank you.


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