Support for cancer patients
Dr Chantal Simon
MRC Research Fellow and General Practitioner, University of Southampton, UK
A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating for both the patient and his or her family. Cancer can arise out of the blue and often affects people who have been fit and healthy until diagnosis. It may affect young people as well as the elderly. Patients and families have support needs that may vary over time and according to the progress of their disease and treatment. Try to tailor information and advice to the individual's needs and continue to provide support throughout the patient's illness. This article is intended as a broad guide to the types of support available for cancer patients in the UK. It is not intended as a comprehensive reference and cannot include the many excellent local services available in different parts of the UK for such patients.

An excellent article written for GPs about support available for cancer patients in the UK with hyperlinks to relevant support sources.
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I agree, when I finished treatment I was like "Oh...what do I do now?" and it really messed with my head because I felt like I needed to be doing something as I had been to the Hospital most days for the past how ever many months!
I think I should have at least been offered to talk to somebody but I wasn't.
I feel I must add my support to this thread. I don't know whether the right word would be "ignored", "forgotten" or "abandoned", but I definitely feel alone (I'm on my own anyway) and haven't received any kind of support after I finished my treatment last July.

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