WOW, I thought this was a support group. I must be in the wrong area. I posted a long post about lingual tonsil biopsy and not ONE person responded with anything. Am I in the right spot? Should I go to another website and ask questions there? Just curious? It's very difficult when you are stressed about not feeling well, and the word biopsy and other words are spoken to you, and you just want someone to talk to, and no one responds. Frowner
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Dear Sue, I have just seen your cry for help & I,m sorry you feel so neglected. Sometimes the Forum moves so quickly that a new post hides an old one.
You seem to have 2 concerns, your teeth
& your Tonsil. Certainly an infected tooth could cause a swollen Lymph gland as your body fights infection.
Your chief worry appears to be your Tonsil which your ENT surgeon is investigating Have you had the CXRay & have you had the result ? I really hope that by now you have had some answers.
To answer one question, this is indeed a support group & members will be upset to feel you feel let down.
Do get back to us & let us know how you are getting on. Fran.
Hello Sue

As Fran says, posts can be hidden.

I suggest that you get you tonsil checked out by your ENT and possibility of any dental infections checked out and treated by your dentist before your implant treatment.

Your post was not easy to speed read. Paragraphs do help make it easier for the eye.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thank you for responding. Thank you, thank you. I have been so stressed about my lingual tonsil. I wanted to update you, as my ENT did call first thing this morning, from my contrast scan last night. He thought it was a lingual tonsil, but informed me that it is a lymphnode in my neck that showed to be enlarged and looked abnormal. I am scheduled for a biopsy possible removal first thing Tuesday morning. I will have to check back and update you. I cannot THANK YOU once again for just listening to me. I am 41 years old, a single mom and very close to my parents. They are away for a month, and I do not dare tell them what is going on with me, until I have a definite answer, as I would never want to upset them, since my brother had lymphoma several years ago, so I just needed someone to "vent" to.
Hi Sue,
We are getting quite a few of us here now. Sue's Susan's Suzies!
I have to appologise, I'm very sorry. I did read your post early one morning when I couldn't sleep. I was half awake and as I don't have a clue about tonsils did not reply.
No I'm no making excuses, I should have at least said hello and suggested you wait for someone who knew about your concern. The thing is, and again it is no excuse, I answer alot on here (well if I think I have something constructive to say, want to moan or just waffle) but did think that if I answered you, your posting would go down the list and maybe not get seen by someone who could help, as it did anyway.
If the site is busy and there are lots of new topics it can happen.
Don't be put off. If someone can help they will.
I'll keep an eye for you if on;ly just to say hello.
Hi Sue

Agree with all that been said it is easy to miss a posting; I log on once or twice a week at lunch time so missed your first posting.

I had tonsil cancer one year ago, I did not have a sore throat or feel ill or lose any weight.

Did have a small lump on my neck and had a couple of nights with the sweats (put it down to over working).

When I saw ENT had a biopsy it was not conclusive, so they whipped out my tonsils which proved to be positive.

Rest is history, I am still around living a normal life neck is little stiff and yeah some small amounts of pain but all in all I am happy to be here.

Be positive don't get down, easy to say I know been there.

By the way my ENT guy when I had the biopsy and asked, said for every 100 people he saw maybe one or two had a major problem I turned out to be one of the "major problems" but the odds are still pretty good for you

You are doing the right thing seeing the right people and finger crossed you only have a bad set of tonsil with an infection causing the lymph to come up.

Let us know how you get on.


i think if you've been on other forums that have a quicker respond rate it can be frustrating especially as if you're here in this forum you are generally pretty anxious in the first place . i know from my own point of view i don't like to bother folk ,i have had lovely messages of support thanks all . but wish sometimes you were all here so i could ask ask ask .

there is also the time difference of all members to consider . just be patient and if no response bump your post ... someone will catch up with it for sure

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