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Sue's husband, Ian, has informed us that she has got much worse very quickly and is now gravely ill. She receives care from visiting nurses as she wishes to stay at hone for her remaining time. "She has been a real fighter and an inspiration to Stuart, Simon and myself."

Those who are inclined are invited to say a little prayer and those who aren't, please think happy thoughts for Sue. She loves jokes Smiler
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Sue is such a fantastic lady and has fought this cancer with humour and dignity. I was privileged to join in her 50th birthday celebrations last year - it was such a happy and joyous occasion, surrounded by her friends and family and Sue was definitely the 'belle of the ball'. An impromptu collection raised a great sum of money for the MCF.

She is such an inspiration to us all and I send my love and prayers to Sue, Ian and their sons, Stuart and Simon.
Brenda x
Finding the right words is often difficult and this is one of those occasions. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Sue but I feel that I know her from this site and direct Emails, she seemed to maintain her sense of humour despite the adversities which she has had to face. Brenda is quite right, Sue is an inspiration to us all, may I add my best wishes to Sue,Ian and their family.
Thank you for informing us of this sad news, Dr Vinod and of course Sue and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

By choosing to stay at home and being surrounded by the love of her family it will make Sue's last journey easier. My thoughts are with Sue's I suspect: caring for and about those she must leave behind, but for Ian, Stuart and Simon, I pray that the edge of the pain and grief which must follow shall be dulled by their gratitude for and celebration of a life shared with such a fighter. I happen to believe death is a doorway to a better plain and that when the time is right we are reunited in a place where suffering is unknown and time meaningless. May God pour his blessing on you all Sue, Ian Stuart and Simon through this traumatic period and may you know the comfort of His infinite, divine and unconditional love to help you all bear the parting to come, I pray this in the name and with the authority of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.
My condolence to Sue's family: knowing this was inevitable shall have not prepared Ian, Stuart or Simon for nor will temper the grief which they must now bear.

My thoughts and prayers are with them as they come to terms with this lifechanging moment, may Sue's example amd memory guide them forward and when the time is right may their tears of bitterness and loss be translated to tears of joy in celebration of the gift they were given by being part of Sue's life. DWR
Dear Sue,
I was on holiday so I have failed to be in touch.

A shard of light broke the dawn,
Was this the magic hour ?
I caught a glance of a lithe form
dancing in her summer garment,
The flute's haunting melody linger's on,
Take care sweet Sue,
now that you are in another dimension,
Letting go is hard to do,
Remember now you are perfectly protected.
The capacity to love is all that is left.

I will always remember you and that is what matters,
We will all remember you.


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