Hi, my husband was diagnosed with tongue cancer on Monday. He has a biopsy next Tuesday followed by a CTScan on the Saturday. We are all struggling but the hardest part so far is seeing my usually strong and positive husband not coping. He has no motivation and took me all week to get him to go play golf this morning! I’m worried that he will get so ‘down’ that he won’t fight...
He has been told that after all the tests there will be 6wks of radiotherapy & chemo, he’s already worried about the 2hr drive to and from Addenbrookes hospital everyday when his treatment starts. I’m at a loss as to how to be strong and help him through all this!?!
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Hi I'm so sorry to hear your story it is one that is unfortunately too familiar to everyone here where you will get some great advice and support. I had tongue cancer 10 years ago and have certainly been through the mill so to speak but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Take one day at a time, it's a huge shock for you both but you can and will adjust to the different circumstances ahead.

Take comfort from those here who have come through a similar diagnosis and are still living life albeit wih some modifications.

I've had bad days and better days but life is manageable and fairly normal!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss further, either here or in a private message.

Good luck

Dc61 I had mouth cancer and Had my op before the radio and chemo so a different scenario, but I would suggest he does not drive himself as it is very hard especially the chemo, mine was weekly and a day at a time and as the weeks pass you get more tired. It's a long day and then to drive home would of been hard for me, a one hour trip.This is not to scare you but to try and help, I was very weak as I had problems eating and a peg so it could of been worse for me. There is light at the end, do like me and get a grandson you don't have time to think about yourself then.

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