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I noticed just yesterday that I have something under my tongue and got very scared when I looked into the mirror. There is reddish a sort of tumour, a ligule like growth under my tongue. I have no idea how long it has been growing there! I found this forum when surfing around. I have never smoked but use alcohol.

On monday I will call to my doctor but I would like to ask your advice here and if you know what this looks like, so please tell. I took some pictures which are not perfect. I am 37 years soon, a woman.

I sent the pictures to two of my FB friends, one of them is a young doctor and the other a student in medicine. They were not sure what this is but they did not think it looked very dangerous, they suggested to get it checked out soon though Frowner

The tumour has an endge like it was a cliff or something (actually it reminds me of an inner labia of a woman, to be more exact). The pictures are not so good, as I sad. It shows better in the second picture.

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Hello Leenis

The area of inflammation is localised over the area of the left sublingual gland and duct. Could have been initiated by some trauma (rubbing from the in-standing tooth?) or infection or stone in duct? This might resolve on its own. If not, please arrange to see an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
I'm so glad for your answer Dr. Vinod K Joshi.

There are so few persons one can ask consultation in such a sudden situation like this. It is now a bit over 2 am in Finland on monday morning and you can't reach a doctor here before 8 am on Monday. And sometimes not even then, because everyone is calling, so it might take several days to get to see the doctor.

And what I fear is, that the doctor says that I should just wait and see if the lump grows more and only then come back. Because I want to know as soon as possible what this is!

Of course this looks much more harmless than many of the pictures I have found concerning mouth cancer on the internet, but I'm still scared Frowner

By the way, there has been no trauma in my mouth. Teeth are stable and ok, as well as everything else.

A new picture from today Frowner

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I had this very same thing when I was a kid. It was the left side and had the same shape. It wasn't really a lump, but some type of growth.

A lump or rounder form would be scarier.

I saw several doctors for this cyst in my mouth. No one really had an answer, this was back in the 90's. Their only answer was to cut if off.

I refuse to go under a knife. It eventually went away. My diet was pretty bad back then. Lots of chips and fast food.

I made sure to clean my mouth more often when non alcohol mouth wash.

It eventually went away after a month or so. It would come and go.

It has been 7+ years and it hasn't returned. I did a lot of praying and was scared to death of this.

I think praying helped (mentally).
Hi all I'm just joined the group last night.
Thought I'd share my story but not wanting to alarm anyone.
My lump was on the bottom of my tongue it looks very much like the one in pictures above but a bit bigger.
Anyway I had it for 4 weeks and thought it would pop but never did so went to my GP they told me it was nothing probably just an infection and have me tablets to get rid. Week later still there now painfully shape and colour had changed I explain I was unhappy and wanted to see someone else. They referred me to the Head and Neck Lump hospital. I was told I had to have a biopsy as they were unsure. On 23/12/13 I was told I had mouth cancer. I had my CT scan this week and next week I'll find out if it's spread and Howe they will remove it.
I'm only 28 with two small children so very frighten.

Please please please ask for a second look. No one should have lumps, get them checked out.
My GP more or less promised me it wasn't cancer thank god I didn't listen. X
I agree with the above,My story is some what dif,I could,nt get sent to see a specialist,My GP did,nt think it nes becouse nothing showed up in my blood test,even though i had a lymth node like a plum in the side of my neck.It took me nearly a year before i got to specialist,That was down to another GP.I had no lumps at first just a red patch on my tonsil which at the time i did,nt realise was a problem. The reason i went GP was i kept having the glands in my neck coming up and down and itching and burning,with the odd sore throat now and then.If i had a lump in my breast i would have pushed the GP to refer me but i didnt know about the symtoms of throat cancer so believed him and has a result had cancer in 3 places at the time of i would now say push, push , and push to be heard if you are not happy.My GP came to my home later and said becouse of my age and i had no risk factors he did,nt think i had cancer.Im still here to tell the story and hopefully help others to cope with the cancer journey and tell them any thing going on in your mouth that is unusual insist on a refer if it does,nt go away .I did,nt and made my prognosis worse and if my cancer had not been slow growing i would not be here.
Got my CT scan results hasn't spread thank god. I go in this weekend for my op.
I've been told I will lose the right side of my tongue but will be reconstructed using my leg muscle I'm also having my glads moved so will have some lovely scars to show. So happy it's not spread but feel like I have to go through hell first.
I'll be hospital for 10 days then 2 months to recover.

Eeeek xx
Well done on getting an earlyish biopsy. It cuts straight to the chase.Otherwise you may have been passed from pillar to post.
Your prognosis is very good based on what you have said.
You are young to have this type of cancer which is why people have to really push to get things done. Your youth will really aid your speedy recovery.
Good luck and best wishes Nattod

Tony K
I realize this is an older thread but I wanted to share my experience. I'm searching the internet right now because a friend of mine has a rapidly growing malignant mass under his tongue/jaw. The doctors are all baffled. Anyway, I came across this thread. When I was younger my salivary gland became enflamed and hard like what is pictured. Then my gland became swollen under my jaw to the size of a golf ball and the resulting nerve pain was horrible. I went to a an ear nose throat doctor and found out I had something rare going on. Stones in my salivary gland! Long story short, The doctor ended up cutting the gland open (just a tiny slit under my tongue) and got a stone out the size of a matchhead. I will likely have this issue in the future. She said they aren't sure what causes them. Hope this helps some of you.

hi everyone, i’m a fifteen year old girl and i have something that sort of looks like the pictures above. i felt some pain under my tongue last night but it was very mild and i didn’t think anything of it- maybe i’d just bit my tongue accidentally? but then when i woke up this morning the minor pain hadn’t gone away and i looked in the mirror and there was a sort of reddish growth thing. i took a picture of it and and i’m kind of freaking out because i don’t know how to approach anyone about this, there are not a lot of people i can talk to. the second i saw it, i kind of panicked and i still am panicking so if anyone has an answer to what it is, that’d be great thanks (here is the photo) 



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It's really Great. When I was younger my salivary gland became enflamed and hard like what is pictured. Then my gland became swollen under my jaw to the size of a golf ball and the resulting nerve pain was horrible. I went to a an ear nose throat doctor and found out I had something rare going on. Stones in my salivary gland! Long story short, The doctor ended up cutting the gland open (just a tiny slit under my tongue) and got a stone out the size of a matchhead.  I will likely have this issue in the future. 

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I am curious what's under my tongue or floor of my mouth. It has been 5 days now. I have a smaller similar lump. It started as pain when I was chewing but the next day I felt a lump under my jaw right neck area. It was visible but painless. However, the lump under my toungue felt salty every time I ate something regardless if it was salty or not. I felt fatigued all over my body. I took two tylenols and slept all day. I saw my Dr. after three days, he too a swab and suggested to buy over the counter spray (Chrolaseptic) I tried it but nothing changed. I haven't heard from the Dr. yet for the results. I don't taste the salt anymore under my tongue but my neck/jaw is still swollen. The growth under my togue is still there but painless. Can someone advise on what do before it's too late. 

Thank you kindly.

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