hi all
after a rotten week with constipation which i am glad to say has sorted itself out,i now find myself with a very sore and swollen tongue,it has been sore for a few weeks and then yesterday i woke up after a very restless night to find that my tongue had swelled to 3 times its normal size.it feels like its ulcerated but there are no ulcers its like its been scalded with something very hot,i went to see my dr yesterday and he said i'll give you some lozenges i said they would be no good to me as i have no saliva,so i ended up with difflam i have been using it reguarly since yesterday to no avail.i feel so miserable when does this journey end? its just one thing after another,when will i feel normal? any advice from someone who has experienced this would be most welcome,sorry for the rant but i am totally cheesed off. love to all shirl xxx
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Hi Shirl,
I believe everyone will understand why you're upset. It does seem some days it will never end, huh? The swollen tongue is something I've not had to deal with yet so I don't have a solution. Just wanted to say "hi" and I care you're having a rough time right now. Shoulder available upon request! Smiler I'm sure you'll get some sensible help soon. Diana J
Hello Shirl

If you had restless night, you just might have been pushing your tongue into your teeth making it sore. A dry mouth would make it worse. Try a mouth lubricant like Biotene oral balance gel and keeping your teeth apart and not clenching for it will give your tongue more room in the mouth. I doubt it is an infection.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
hi vinod
i use biotene gel every night which has helped until now,i just cant understand what has caused it.i cant even eat my little bit of soup that i have been managing for a couple of weeks.thanks diana for the shoulder,i am feeling very sorry for myself today,even poor hubby is saying when does it all end 2 steps forward and 5 back lately it seems.thanks for replying. love shirl xxx

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