hi everyone. ive been having some strange symptoms in my mouth for sometime. started with dry mouth and numb/dry nose. now i have burning mouth mainly hard palate top middle next to my teeth. my gums are always sore or numb but no bleeding and theyre not red. just look pale.sometimes i can feel skin peeling off side of cheeks. im going to see ent on may 1st as throat problems aswell and oral surgeon on 23rd but im worried these could be signs of mouth cancer. i dont have any lesions in my mouth can you still have it without lesions. thank you in advance for any repliesxx
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Hello Lyns29

Sorry I missed your post!

The cheek lining can sometimes be shed as a reaction to ingredients in a new toothpaste not used before. There are several conditions that can cause blisters in the cheek lining. There are several causes for a burning sensation in the mouth. Hope your problem has been diagnosed.

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Vinod Coffee
hi vinod
that was a very informative and helpful article i have been suffering with burning mouth and tongue for weeks now and the g.p is stumped so i keep waking up every 5 minutes to sip water,i have given up on the biotene gel as it was making symptoms worse,tried biotene liquid moisturiser for a couple of night and symptoms got worse again.i am getting up about 4 times through the night and what with the constant waking to sip water come the morning i am shattered. love shirl xxx

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